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Monday, April 14, 2014

Welcome Home Bo and Daddy

I just noticed that today is my 351st post.  Crazy!!!  How can I have so much to say?  Thanks for reading.  (First post Link)

Well, my hubby and Daddy came home on Friday morning.  The house feels like home again.  We each carry within, something that uniquely adds to the atmosphere of the home.  Even though Bo has severe jet lag and has spent more time upstairs in the bed while I'm up...my home feels right.

I remember the first time he went to the Philippines in the 90's.  I didn't think I would really notice that he was not there.  I still had to take care of three kids, my daily routine wouldn't change.  He worked 9-5, came home for a couple of hours and then was back out by 7pm each night.  We had a new business that needed growing.  Our time together was limited.  He would usually return around 11pm and the whole process would start over the next day.  I thought the next 21 days would go without too much trouble...WRONG!!!!

I mourned every day.  I was so lonely and lost without him.  I was scared that he was not okay and scared to be home all the time alone with three kids.  To make matters worse, all three kids ended up with a virus.  We had messes coming out both ends.  I was cleaning up stuff for days.  That took about a week before it cleared up and then, I GOT IT!!!  I remember crying, asking God to just send Bo home.  I needed him immediately.  It was very traumatic and dramatic.  But we made it through.

Now we have three grown children, 2 who are married.  We have 2 grandsons and 2 more grand babies on the way.  When he is in the Philippines, we can talk easily.  The first time, I would get to say hello and that is about it.  Now we can text, call, email...so many ways to communicate.  I don't mourn like I did that first year and I am not so scared.  But let me tell you this...HE IS ALWAYS MISSED!

So, even though, he is sleeping a lot when I am awake and awake when I am sleeping, I am so glad he is home.  I am so thankful for his safe return and for my father's safe return.  I am thankful that we have such a wonderful Filipino family that takes such good care of them while they are there.  I am thankful that God has allowed us to be a part of touching the world and building His Kingdom, near and far.

That first trip to the Philippines changed our family forever and our church.  It made Bo and I realize how much we need each other and it caused us to see beyond the end of our own driveway, community and country.  We LOVE America but the scripture says, For God so loved the WORLD that He gave His only Son...it goes way beyond America's shores.

Welcome home Bo and Daddy!!!

Bo & Daddy right before they left
the Bible School 

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