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hope sign

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Paths, Doors...Awaken Your Sleeping Prophet

What is the holy ground in your life right now?

Is God speaking to you today?  

Has He set a path before you that He desires  you to walk?

I love paths and doors.  I know it sounds strange but alleyways and hidden pathways excite me.  I love photographs and paintings of pathways.  You cannot see what is beyond but it must me something magical because there is a specific pathway leading me there. 

I love hidden beach paths and mysterious paths covered by vines and flowers.  All lead somewhere...which path I should take is the question...where do I want to end up?

Kimi, you must be BRAVE

When Bo and I were in Italy this past September/October, I fell in love with the most beautiful huge doors that we walked by daily in Rome.  Some were painted, others were stained with dark rich tones.  The hardware on the doors were chunky metal that  you know were original to these ancient structures.  But what I wanted to know most...what was behind these spectacular doors??
Some were churches, homes, stores, hotels...all had a story.  

Some of these doors lead to holy places and others to unholy.  Which doors would I enter given the chance?

In the words of Macrina Wiederkehr from her book Seasons of Your Heart...

"The Moses in my heart trembles
not quite willing 
to accept the prophet hidden in my being
wondering how much it will cost
to allow that prophet to emerge.

O child of unnecessary shoes
cast them off
and stand in readiness
on this holy ground.
For the Egypt in people's lives
demands that you see the burning bushes 
all around you
burning wildly
calling you
away from the comfort
of well-protected feet.

The ground you stand is holy.
Take off your shoes!
The ground of your being is holy.
Take off your shoes!
Awaken your sleeping prophet
Believe in your Moses
and go..."

What is God speaking to you today?
What path is He leading you down?
Where is He speaking from?

Take off your shoes of doubt...
Take off your shoes of distraction...
Take off your shoes of complacency... 
Take off your shoes of busyness...
Take off your shoes envy, strife, bitterness...
Take off your shoes...
The ground...right where you are is Holy.

Monday, April 20, 2015

She Is Mine

I have failed Him in so many ways.  
Thrown away His love and trust He so freely gave.
He looked beyond my past and scars.
Opened His arms and filled my heart with grace and forgiveness, a new life and peace.
But I couldn't resist this world I tried to leave.
I wanted fame and gifts and the love I thought I left.
I resisted His life of freedom and forgiveness.
He continued to pursue me and always opened the door.
I continued to leave and come back...His heart, a revolving door.
Till the life I chose took it's toll.
It used me up and then rejected me.
Now I am for sale like a used up old chair.
On the auction block of life, alone, ugly and frail.
No one wants what I have to give anymore.
The gifts have ceased, the love has dried up, I am no longer useful, wanted or famous for my beauty is all gone.
I am alone...no one to call my own.
I look around and all my friends are gone, there isn't one bid for me, the room is silent, with my head hanging low, I know this is how it will end.  No hope for one...me...the has been. 
She is mine, I hear, in the midst of my shame.  
The One I rejected so many times, calls my name.
I love you He says, come on home with me.  I paid your debt, you are free.  
With open arms He welcomed me home once more.  
It's like He forgot my sin against Him.   
How can this be when I am a woman fallen? 
He sees a beauty that no one else sees, He sees the beauty that is hidden inside me.

We are so much like the Children of Israel in Hosea...we leave God continuously for a life filled with empty promises and unfulfilled dreams.  

But His word says:
The Lord says,
“Then I will heal you of your faithlessness;
    my love will know no bounds,
    for my anger will be gone forever.
Hosea 14:4 

He is willing to forget and forgive, if we will return to Him.  Even when it seems like all is lost and forgiveness shouldn't be allowed, He forgives and will heal us...amazing love.

I wrote the above piece thinking about Hosea and Gomer...Jesus and Me.  I am thankful for His unfailing love, grace and mercy.

Jesus Restores My Soul

Thursday, April 16, 2015

We Are The "Now" and The "Next" Generation

My Grandsons...My Heart Overflows

No matter what you are doing in life, there is always a "next" generation rising up.  This "next" generation will have ideas, strengths, changes, dreams...they will possess qualities that will probably exceed your expectations, taking your dreams into a whole new place.  Just like when you were the "next" generation, they will see things a little differently than you do.  

This is not a new concept.  This is not a new revelation, it is a fact and common to man.  It is also, not a bad reflection on how you did things.  It is a compliment that your leadership or abilities built the foundation for the next step.  It is a great thing.  

The Season of Wonder
When we put our ego's aside, we can see the beauty of progress and change.  Progress and change can be painful if we are being pulled into two directions. Holding so firmly onto the "way it has always been done" while trying to move into the now and the future.  It's like you are being pulled apart.  

God never intended it to be this way.  He is always raising up a "Next" generation to continue and build on the hearts desire of the "Now" generation.  It's a beautiful thing.  When the "Now" generation shares their heart with the right person for the job, it can be magic.  It becomes a holy ground experience.  The flame the would consume some becomes a light and calling for the right person.  As the "Now" generation, we have to be willing to train and pour into those coming up, so that our vision will not only continue but expand it's territories.  

The Birth of the Future...
We are all part of it.

Age is not a factor in the "next" generation equation. Willingness to answer the call, waiting on the timing of the LORD, training for task, getting to know the heart of the foundation builders...etc., these are the qualifications to be part of the "next" generation. Changes, new conquests, new goals, expanded visions...it is a life long quest.  No matter your age, you are the "next" generation to someone or something.  

I am in a season of wonder right now.  According to the book Seasons of Your Heart by Macrina Wiederkehr, when we are in the season of wonder, we should...

*take off our shoes*investigate burning bushes*give up false gods*peel off layers of ego*take down walls of separation*strip away the unnecessary*wait with patience*say good-bye so the Spirit can come*remove all obstacles to wonder*walk barefoot in creek beds delighted and unafraid.

The author says, "If you should ever hear God speaking to you from a burning bush, and it happens more often than most of us realize, take off your shoes for the ground on which you stand is holy." 

As I write this, I am reminded that most of our lives we are part of the "Now" generation and the "Next" generation at the same time.  

So as we dream, we work...as we plan, we build...as we learn, we teach. It is what makes life continue and then what we build never crumbles and our dreams never die.  

Investing in the future

Look around you, embrace the "Next" generation, teach them, love them, guide them, pour into their lives.  Pass on the anointing and pray that God puts a double portion on their lives.  

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why Do I Crave It?

Sometimes I am reminded how much I love the Word of God.  I pick up a book that references scripture and I am amazed at how much I crave God's Word.  I write it down, I read it and reread the same scripture.  If it really resonates in me, I will read that same passage all week long or maybe even longer.  I will read it to my husband, I will reference it when I speak to the church or to my Pastor or friends.  I love it when that happens.  

What is this desire for God's Word?  

Why do I crave it?

I think this began in me many years ago when I was a little girl.  I attended an A.C.E. school at our church. A.C.E. stands for Accelerated Christian Education. Scripture memorization was a huge part of that education.  It was right up there with Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.  We memorized whole chapters of John, Philippians, Ephesians...yes, whole chapters.  Not that I can still quote them all but I can quote some.  To be honest, I didn't look into what the scriptures meant as a 2nd grader but in memorizing them, something was planted in me.  I now knew the words of God and I couldn't un-know them.  I knew the commandments, the grace, what God hates and how He loves the little children.  

Teaching the nursery kids...they made Samson hair.
So much fun.
As I have grown older, the desire to know God deeper and know what His Word means is an unquenchable thirst.  The more I get, the more I want.  So I have Bible Study on my own, I listen to my Bishop and Pastors preach, I write it down, I talk about it, I search it out and attempt to apply it's wisdom to my life (my daily living).  

Our wonderful Creator didn't leave us down here on our own.  He didn't make us and drop us like a hot potato.  When he created Adam and Eve, he walked and talked with them in the cool of the evening. Bonding with them.  I am sure, giving His wisdom about how things worked.  Knitting His heart with theirs.  When I read the Bible, I can sense God walking with me, leading me, teaching me, inserting bits of wisdom that can only come from Him, into my life.  This isn't always a pleasant experience.  It can be a humbling, soul searching, flesh destroying mirror that I cannot escape.  But He never leaves it there.  Where I am broken, He remolds me...making me new.  He heals me, renews me, restores what I have lost.  No it's not immediate, but it is perfect.  

I believe that is why I crave this wonderful gift of God's Word or at least one of the reasons.  So teachers, preachers, parents, caregivers...don't give up on the power of the scripture you are teaching. Once those little minds memorize it, it's in there. Even if they turn away from it, it will remain.   Matthew 24:35 says, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away."

So I will continue to study the Word of God.  Getting to know Him, love Him deeper, hopefully becoming more like Him each day.  As I fill up on His Word, my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, all I come into contact with will see a little more Jesus and a lot less Kimi.  Believe me, that is a good thing.

This is why it matters so much to me...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Cup Runneth Over

My Jakey when he was about 2.
Gosh, could he be any cuter?!!!
I am feeling super Thankful today.  Some days we just look around with open eyes, minds and hearts and we can truly see the blessings in our lives.  Today happens to be one of those days for me.  

(left) Kelcie, Tori (niece), Lauren (niece), Jake, Juliana
I have three grown children, two are married with children, one is a college student.  I have had
the privilege of talking to each one today and tonight I get to have dinner with all my children (except the college student) and 3 out of 4 grandsons.  AND, I don't have to cook it...thanks to Scovia and Jake this week.  As the lady said on Hope Floats, "My cup runneth over."  




Baby Bo

We have started a little tradition in our family.  Each Tuesday, we have supper together, each week we switch off who hosts everyone.  Last week we had homemade pizzas at Juliana and Aaron's.  We have a blast and it's so relaxing.  Bo and I look forward to this each week.  It's a night set aside for family.  We get to play with our babies and our kids get a little break because GRAMMY'S IN THE HOUSE!!!! Oh yeah, and Pop too, LOL.
My three... Jake, Juliana and Kelcie

So Tuesdays I usually am a little more upbeat.  I love family time.  
Juliana...I can see Henry and Lukie in this beautiful face. 

I hope you can look around and see the blessings that God has given you.  It will put a skip in your step and a smile on your face.  It gives me energy when I feel Thankful!!  

Have a blessed day!!