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Monday, July 22, 2013

Please, Won't Somebody Love Me

Daddy with two of his great grand babies…Henry & Presley
When I was a little girl, not sure how old, I remember riding in Havre de Grace with my parents in the car.  I think all four of us kids were in the backseat and mom and dad were of course, in the front.  While going down the road (maybe route 40), we saw a little, very little boy walking and crying.  I will never forget this.  He had a little fro and he was so sad.  Mom told Dad to stop the car, something was wrong with this little boy.  They put him in the front seat and took him to the police station, in an attempt to find his family.  I don't remember the little boys name or anything else about it.  I just remember that my parents saw a child in need and took care of him.

My parents praying over my grandson
As I grew older, there were several occasions where my parents saw a child in need and took care of him or her.  Always full of love and compassion.  Never expecting anything in return.  This love for others is rare and just like the love that Jesus has for us.

My mom praying for families in the Philippines…
A heart for others
My sisters, Christian and Cheryl, along with their hubby's and children,  came to my house yesterday afternoon for lunch.  We got to talking about a choir that we listened to as children.  We would play their record over and over again.  The name of the choir was Tupelo Children's Mansion.  This is a children's home in Mississippi.  They sang songs like,

"I am a promise.  
I am a possibility.  
I am a promise with a capital P.  
I am a great big bundle of Potentiality.  
And I am learning 
To hear God's voice 
And I am trying 
To make the right choices.  
I'm a promise to be, 
Anything God wants me to be."

My Mom and some of her grand daughters

  I have sang this song to my own children several times.  I have sang it to the children at church.  Such a positive song.  Loved it then, love it now.  There is a song that reminds me of my parents love for children.  I am not sure if Tupelo Children's Mansion sang this song but I think they did.  

Won't Somebody Love Me

The boy's name was Steve
He wasn't quite five
And when they found him that day
He was barely alive

Just an old pair of jeans
A face filled with fear
Dirty bare feet 
And eyes filled with tears

And what he said, 
Still rings in my ears

He said, "Please won't somebody love me
Ple----ase won't somebody love me
I've been all over town and I still haven't found
Anybody to say, "Come over to my house and play
Ple---ase, won't somebody love me?"
Does it ever make you wonder
How my Jesus must feel
Every time He sees
Somebody like Steve

O you might be surprised 
If you only knew 
how often the Lord feels the same way too
And how many times He's cried out to you 

Crying, "Please won't somebody love me
Ple---ase, won't somebody love me
I've been all over town and I still haven't found
Anybody to say, 'Come over to my house and play.'
Please, won't somebody love me?"

Words and music by Phil Johnson

I want to encourage you today.  The scripture says in Matthew 25:40; that if you've done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.  

Mom letting Henry help her with the dishes.

Someone needs a touch today.

Someone needs a smile.

Someone needs your prayers.

Someone is hungry, thirsty, tired and worn.

If you see that someone today, be His hand extended.  

You maybe the answer to their prayers.  


  1. I cried when I read this Kimi. Love your blogs!

    1. Thank you. I was crying when I wrote it. Love you.

    2. The original singer is harietta wolfe. Old song from the 70's.

    3. Thank you for the information. I still love that song.

  2. I remember both of these songs from my childhood; thank you for reminding me to sing them to my toddler today!

    1. My pleasure. We must have grown up listening to the same music. Be blessed.