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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's A Love Thing...

"Therefore say thou unto them,
Thus saith the LORD of hosts;
Turn ye unto me, saith the LORD
of hosts, and I will turn unto you,
saith the LORD of hosts."
-Zechariah 1:3

As I was falling asleep last night, this scripture reference came to my mind.  I had to sit up in bed and look it up.  I said to myself, "hmmm.  Wonder why I thought of that and what am I suppose to take from it."  I put my phone down and went back to falling asleep.

Do you every wonder why certain things pop into your head as you are falling asleep.  I have dreams a lot of times in those moments when you are between being awake and truly sleeping.  When you can still answer a question but you truly are getting loopy.  

I sometimes want to sugar coat things for people and even for myself.  Some words are hard to hear and even harder to speak.  But I believe God was saying to me, speak what I have given you, it's for the best.  In this scripture, He is calling the people to return to Him.  It's a call for redemption and renewing.  He tells Zechariah to give this message and remind them of what happened to their ancestors who would not listen to the prophets.  

I love that God loves us so much He is willing to send us people who will speak His words.  He is willing to give us a chance to get it right.  He calls us to repentance because He loves us.  He desires our salvation, that none should perish.  It's a love thing, not condemnation.  

I love my children, so I try and direct them down the right path.  God does the same thing.  It's not so I can control everything.  It's not to make them think bad of themselves.  In the words of most parents, "It's for their own good."  
God calls us to return to Him, for our own good.  He loves us so much.  He is pure love.  

I hope you know today that you are loved.  Even if you feel overlooked, overworked, over burdened or alone...God loves you.  He says, return to me and I will return to you.  Call upon Him.  How long has it been since you have had a real conversation with God?  Take the path back to Him.  He knows where it will lead even if you don't.  What an adventure.  

I love pictures of paths that lead to unknown places.  Here are some that I have taken.  

Winery in St. Helena, CA

Sonoma, CA

Hatteras Island, NC

Rising Sun, MD

Grand Canyon, AZ
View from the top...great lens

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