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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wedding Planners…Gifts

I didn't think that I would write today but since I am still up at midnight, I thought that I would take this opportunity since I have someone to thank.  Yesterday I wrote about the importance of marriage ceremonies.  The importance of showing honor and giving it all the pomp and circumstance that it deserves.  Well, there is someone who does this for a living that I want to acknowledge.  She was 6 months old at my wedding 23 years ago.  It was even before she had hair.  That bald beautiful baby grew into a a marvelous, gorgeous Woman that I am so very proud of.  If you know us, you know who it is I am referring to, my niece, Lauren Noel Niles.

Lauren has given of herself without getting anything in return.  She is a wonderful wedding planner.  This is her career but she has not asked for one dime for herself.  The time and effort and expertise that she's given, freely to us, is just beyond words.  Bo and I are so very thankful for Lauren.  No matter what, if she had charged us or not, our love is unconditional.  She didn't have to do this for us.  To be a giver is not usually a born attribute, it is a taught one.  She did learn from the best, Ronald and Lorraine Estep…really the whole Estep clan and of course her Uncle Bo.  Thank you Lauren.  You have touched our hearts and our lives.

If you are getting married in Maryland or near Maryland and you need the best wedding planner, call Lauren Niles at K&B Bridals in Bel Air, Maryland. http://www.kandbbridals.com/bridals

 Her ideas are endless, her enthusiasm makes you feel like your wedding is the only priority in three states, she is beautiful inside and out and her work is just as beautiful as she is.  Not to mention, this is the most organized wedding planner or planner of anything that I have ever seen.  Every moment is accounted for and everyone knows what they are to do and where they are to do it.  She is amazing.  No matter how big or how small of a wedding you desire, she will make it a special day.  She can do it all with grace and class.

Here are two pictures from her wedding in 2010 that I swiped from her Facebook (as her Auntie, I can do this).  The pictures were taken by the photographer who is photographing Juliana's wedding on Saturday, Jennie Campbell http://jenniecampbellphotography.com.  Breathtaking...

My beautiful niece, Lauren Niles

Lauren & Peter Niles…Fabulous couple

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