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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Love The Art of God

Some days I just have a desire to get away with my camera and take photos of what I see.  Nothing spectacular but to spend time with my husband or daughter(s) and walk in nature, snapping pictures.  I think it is a desire to be present in God's beautiful creation, enjoying each season that I get to be a part of.  It is one thing I love about living in Maryland, each season is unique and set apart (usually).

Ocracoke Island, NC
My mother told me that she likes pictures with people in them...not just nature. I can take hundreds of photos with just nature and play with the light and colors.  To me that is fun and exciting.  To feel like I have captured a fraction of the beauty God has so lovingly created...brings me great joy-like I am a part of the creation process.  

Hatteras, NC
I am looking forward to a day off when Bo and I can go out with my camera in hand.  Either to the city or country, it doesn't matter to me.  Each has it's own uniqueness and draw.  For right now, I will enjoy some old photos I  have taken over the years.  I hope you enjoy them too.  Each has a story, a place in my history.  

A barn in Lancaster, PA

I am amazed by God's creative side.  From the oceans to the mountains to the acorn on the tree...He amazes me.  

As the sun began to set at CeCe's sprinkle...the sky gave us a beautiful painting 

I hope you have a way to enjoy God's goodness today.  Looking beyond where you are to where He was, is and always will be.  He fingerprint is all around us.  He has left His DNA on every area of creation...including YOU!!  Man can only mimic the creative genius of God.  Every artist and aspiring artist at their best can only imitate God.  Even the creative, off balance, abstract artists who feel like they have done something new and exciting is still just an imitator of what God has already done.  Blows my mind just thinking about it.  


Hatteras, NC

Cheryl's birthday party

Easter Sunday...VanDyke's (some)

Bo in the rain

Park in Belair, MD

Cathedral in Uganda where Jake and Scovia were married

Winter from our window

Just think this is cool...took this on a surprise winter storm 

Can you tell I love Hatteras??

Jacob and Pete in the waves

Lead me to the ocean

Looks like Henry is flying...his shadow looks like a cat

View from our window in Cortona, Italy

My baby girl on one of our Photo Days in 2015

I love the sky here...my baby Julie, my sister Cheryl and our CeCe
it was her baby sprinkle

Love the colors in this photo of my big sis, Christian

The Promenade in Havre de Grace, MD

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