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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's In My Worship

There is so many I know right now who are going through some very difficult days.  Some are sick in body...some are sick emotionally...some are sick spiritually.  As I sat down this morning to pray over them, to spend some time with God, sharing my heart, I just kept thinking, "Lord, make everything okay right now!!".  I want the people I love to be okay, right now!  I don't want to wait, I don't want them to go through any pain or discomfort at all.  I just want everyone to be A-Okay!!  

But as all of us know, life doesn't work that way.  Pain comes...heartache comes...difficult days arise out of the blue.  That's life in this world.  We can not escape it.  Some say that they just try to get by during these days of turmoil. Some try and escape the uncomfortable with drugs, alcohol, habits that only hurt in the long run and really are not an escape but a different prison.  

To tell the truth, I don't want to just get by.  I want relief and freedom from the pain, heartache and difficulties.  Can I find joy, peace, love during these times? Is there peace and fulfillment even in the wars going on around me?  Is there a moment to regroup and find a little refreshment for my war battled body?  

I can only tell you and remind myself of what to do during this time...WORSHIP! I must worship.  I must remember who God is.  I must remind myself that through it all...God is God.  He has not changed.  Circumstances change, people change, needs and wants change, goals change, lives change but GOD DOES NOT CHANGE!!!  

Not only does He not change but all good things come from Him.  Every good thing was birthed in the goodness of God's heart.  God does not corrupt...sin does.  Love is of God...fear is not.  Peace is of God...hate is not.  Patience is of God...anxiety is not.  Healing is of God...sickness is not.  It is not God who needs to change, it is me.

So I will praise Him...I will worship Him through it all.  Worship will transform you.  Change will happen through worship.  Worship may not change your situation but it will change you.  

In Living Worship, the author said, "Change could be called the fruit of worship."  He also said, "Something will happen because the heart of worship is less of me and more of God."

I may not know what you are going through, I do not need to know.  I do know who can get you through to the other side, GOD CAN!!  As you worship, truly worship Him, you will see light come into your life again.  

Jeremiah 29:13
If you look for me wholeheartedly,
you will find me.

That is a great promise.  When I worship, I truly expect God to show up.  He never lets me down.  There is my port in the storm, my moment of rest, my refreshment and renewal...it's in my worship.

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