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Monday, January 4, 2016

HAPPY 2016!!!!

Happy New Year blog-land!!!  I started my new year off with a dose of sickness that had me on the couch/chair for four days.  But, today is a new day and I am so glad to be feeling better and able to move around.

Each year, I pray and seek the LORD with the WORD He has specifically for me. What word will play a huge part in my life for the upcoming year?  It is such a cool thing to think and pray about.  I love it when a new year starts and my WORD changes.  

This year is not different.  I started giving it some thought a couple of weeks into December.  What will be my Word of the year?? Some may think it a ridiculous process but it has been prophetic in the past.  Last year my word was Brave.  It became the theme to our Women's Conference at CtK.  It was amazing how God used my word to become a word for so many women.   I think God is just fabulous.  How He can take something/someone so obscure and use it/her to touch so many.  Who knew at the beginning of 2015, when God spoke BRAVE to me that He was going to use it for women in North Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Florida, Delaware, Maryland?  Isn't God just cool?!!

On to my Word of the Year for 2016....


This is what I wrote in my notes when God spoke this word to me.

God spoke this to me while sitting in Bo's chapel/office just talking.  
This year will be a year of overflow. 
We have been so poured into that we are beginning to overflow. 
We will reach those who God has placed in our overflow. 
The church will grow in the overflow. 
Our bank accounts will grow in the overflow. 
Our families will grow in the overflow. 
Our love will grow in the overflow. 
The overflow will reach the hidden areas no one can see or even knows exists. 
The overflow of the Holy Spirit will be so powerful, 
He will call and draw
 them in just with the strike of a chord. 

I believe this will be a year of testimonies of how God is moving in the lives of those around us.  We will see Him everywhere we look.  I want to be caught in the overflow. I want to be used and poured out so He can keep filling me up.  

I know this WORD goes way deeper than I can even perceive right now.  I know that He will bring me into the fullness of this WORD throughout 2016.  

I wait with anticipation to see what God has in store for me and Christ the King Church in 2016.  It's going to be a great year. 

"He's leaning, in my direction...I said He's leaning, in my direction"

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