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Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall...It's An Experience

This is the last Friday in October.  The woods behind my house have big holes where the leaves have already fallen.  No longer do I see green when I look out the sliding glass doors in my kitchen...It's a sea of yellow and orange and a little bit of red.  Some trees have leaves hanging on by a thread and yet others are still full of beautiful robust color.  The storm on Wednesday night sped up the process of trees dropping their leaves.  I love the colors of fall.  The splendor of God's unlimited imagination.  His creativity is one of my favorite things to experience.  

I think that is why fall is so amazing to me.  

It is an experience. 

Fall has it's own style.  

Fall has it's own smell...crisp in the nostrils...like eating a peppermint patty...lol. The days can be warm or cool, the nights are chilly enough for a hoodie or pretty coat but no need to overdress.  Fall has it's own light.  It dances through the trees and makes bland things look amazing.  Fall has it's own hum.  You can hear the humming of heaters kicking on in the neighborhood, the harvesters in the fields, the leaves falling from the trees, the crackling of fire pits. Fall has its own flavor...apple pie, apple cider, apple butter, pumpkin desserts and coffees...the harvest is ready and plentiful.  

As I began to write the paragraph above, by the time I got to the humming of the heaters, I realized something...Fall is a party for the senses.  Sight, Smell, Touch, Hearing, Taste...Oh Yeah!!!! 

 I like to inhale the senses of fall...reminds me of the song we sing at church...
I breathe you in, God...You are there all around me. I breathe you in, God...You are there all around...by Katie Torwalt

I love this of Autumn...looks like she is breathing God in

Now, on Sunday morning, November 1st, we will start our month of Thanksgiving. Focusing on what we are Thankful for.  Yes, many will say, (as we write and post on Facebook our Thankful lists) we should be thankful all year...that is true but it doesn't hurt to take a month or two and focus on it.  It is a wonderful thing that we allow ourselves this time to daily thank God for all He has provided.  It's good to go into the winter months...Thankful.  Winter would be harder without a thankful heart.  

I love this old pic of Henry...

The light in this photo is amazing...

The splendor of God's imagination...Glorious

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