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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Art...It's a God Thing

If you have read my blogs before, you know how much I love art.  The art of photography is one of my favorites.  I love music, paintings, sculpture, abstract, writing, poetry...I am drawn to it all.  My husband asked me one time if we had to stop in every gallery we passed.  My answer was, "Yes, I love it all".

My nephew, son, husband and I were talking about art and artists last night on our way to church.  How so many young artists that we know turn away from the church and things of God because they want the "Free spirit" artists life. In turn they separate themselves from the very One who is the most creative.  I mean, He is the Creator of all things.  Every color, every shape, every thought, every leaf, flower, cloud, raindrop, rainbow, light, shadow...all things were created by Him.  When I look at the landscape that takes my breath away, I say, Thank You for this.  When I look at the tiny toes of my babies or the wrinkles in their fat little sausage fingers, I say, Thank You for this.  When I taste the sweetness of a bright red strawberry, I say, Thank You for this.  This is Art.  It's where art comes from.  As artists we are trying to create, invent, relay our heart in an object, song, writing...it only took a word from God.  

In the ancient days, artists in the church built, painted, sculpted the most beautiful objects in honor of their love for the LORD.  Go into Italy and visit these monuments that were created as mans tribute to God.  A way to honor Him and show how much they loved Him.  It took years, decades, an incredible amount of time to complete but it was their hearts greatest desire.  Leaving fortunes to their children for the completion of churches, cathedrals that would last for as long as the earth lives...telling generations to come that they loved God and honored Him above all else.  

most beautiful ceilings

tapestry...sorry its blurry

I told the boys (men) in my car last night that the Church needs to get back to the arts.  It's not an evil...it's a God given gift that can be used to glorify the greatest creative mind ever...GOD!!!  

Artists see things that most don't see.  They see the shadows, the light, they hear the harmonies, the beat, the flow, the rhythm.  Their senses are attuned to the details of life that the rest of the world does not or can not comprehend.

If you are in doubt of God's amazing creative ability, read Genesis 1 & 2.  At 44 years old, I am constantly amazed by Him.  I still want to be just like Him.  

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