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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Please, Like What I Like

I was sitting here thinking tonight as I was watching a show on TV that my husband doesn't care for..."Why do I feel the need to make him like what I like?"  As I tried to get him to like my show, I noticed a couple of things.

1. If it's a comedy...I laugh a little harder.

2. I look at him a lot to see if he is engaged.

3. I keep pointing out what I like about the show

I am trying so hard to force him to like my sitcom and want to watch it with me. Why do I do this???  It is an exercise in futility.  I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that we don't like the same things 100% of the time.  It actually drives me crazy...if I'm not already there. LOL.

I guess it's human nature when you share most things with a specific person, you try and get them interested in what interests you.  One more thing to connect you.  One more thing that knits your lives together.  

When I first got married over 26 years ago, I thought our lives were intertwined but I could have never imagined this.  I never thought that just having him in the bed with me, I would sleep better.  That we would prefer cooking together than apart.  Our favorite naps are wrapped up in a blanket on the couch snuggled up together, I have a pillow and I am his pillow.  

I guess over the last 26 years, we are still "becoming" One.  When you hear those words at your wedding, you don't realize that it is a process.  I heard those words and thought it would be instant.  But...here it is...I was wrong (enjoy this statement family).  

It's an amazing process full of disappointments, struggles, broken hearts, reality, fusses, making up, loving each other through it, laughter, mistakes, late nights, all nighters, dates, kisses, holding hands, staring into each others eyes, learning each others dreams, making dreams come true, preferring one another, raising children, becoming grandparents...LIFE.  

Let me say this, he stayed down in the family room with me so I didn't have to watch it alone, for one and a half episodes.  That's love and sacrifice.  That is LIFE.  

I am enjoying this process of Becoming One.  I did not succeed in winning him over into my sitcom world.  And I came to the realization that it is not necessary.  I just like him around...while I laugh at my guys on TV...hopefully not quite as loud.  We don't have to change our spouses, we just need to enjoy their presence.

Bo VanDyke, I'm thankful for you!

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