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Monday, September 14, 2015

Roots and Wings= Wisdom and Life

My husband made a statement to me the other day, "songs from the past (hymns) sang about the LORD, songs of today (in the church) sing to Him."
Not that we know all the hymns from the past.  But a lot of them were written about the LORD...there are exceptions.

I found his words to be true.  The Church goes through stages/phases just like any other living thing.  In each stage/phase, you have some who embrace it and others who don't want the change.  I truly believe that each person, in each stage, is desperately needed.  There is a popular saying..."Roots and Wings".  The Church needs to keep it's roots while using it's wings.  We need the grounding, foundation, pillars of those who have been through it and we need the vision, excitement, energy of the young and young at heart.  

So many times, the young try and throw out the wisdom of the experienced and the experienced try to dismiss the vision of the young.  But when you take the experience and mix it with the vision...you can have magic!  Things will get done and the vision will become a reality.  

God was in it yesterday, 
He is in it today, 
and He will be in it tomorrow. 

Don't become too attached to any stage in your personal life or in The Church.  I have seen our church and life change so much over the years.  Each stage has a purpose and it's own excitement.  Each stage has it's own challenges and difficulties. 

 Philippians 4:11 AMP says,

"Not that I speak from 
[any personal] need, 
for I have learned 
to be content 
[and self-sufficient through Christ, 
satisfied to the point 
where I am not 
disturbed or uneasy] 
regardless of my circumstances."

Oh, to really grab hold of that principle.  To truly be able to see God's hand working no matter what stage or circumstance we are in.  To feel His presence at all times in our Church and lives.  That takes trust...trust in God.  

Are you content today?  Do you see the purpose and good in your circumstance? Whether it is good or bad, God will show up if you invite Him.  

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