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hope sign

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Always Celebrate New Life

This weekend we had beautiful weather and almost every minute was full of something to do.  Thankfully, Saturday evening, our activity was outside in the beautiful backyard of my older sister.  She threw a Sprinkle (small shower) for her son and daughter in law...baby number two will be here any day.

CeCe and baby Micah Levi

I was so proud of my sister, Christian and her husband, Patrick.  They decorated their garden area just beautifully.  I wanted to share some of the photos I took.  

These looked so good but I was a good girl and didn't eat one bite!!!
Truthfully, I probably couldn't have stopped at one bite...lol

The theme was Peter Rabbit/ Mr. McGregor's Garden

Patrick built a bench that day

and they took drop cloths, hung them on the old swing set poles (that my father in law and husband put up 20 years ago...those suckers will outlast the 100 year old house.  They cemented them in like 6 feet deep...men and their cement).  They draped them like curtains...so beautiful.

 We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous night to celebrate this new life getting ready to enter the world.  

Look at the clouds...My baby sister Cheryl (standing)
My daughter Juliana in the jeans and CeCe by the flowers

Sorry its so blurry but Christian is just gorgeous here.

view across the field.  Amazing sunset Saturday night

One of my favorites.

The big brother and daddy

The Big Brother...Landon

Juliana and CeCe

Now, here you go...IT'S BO!!! He loves his auntie JuJu.

Bo and Aunt JuJu

Patrick and Micah's Great Grandma Grapes...Polly

Our Scovia...beautiful always

Baby Micah's Aunt Faith, Great Grandma Estep and Uncle Jon

I hope you enjoyed the photos from Micah's shower.  I think it so important that we always celebrate NEW LIFE!!  A baby is a gift straight from the heart of God.  When we grab fast to that truth, we will always welcome it with open arms and dreams.

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