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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

BRAVE...Henry Is Going To School

I don't remember my first day of school.  I do remember being in Kindergarten but not too much.  

I do however remember my children's first days.  The feeling of wanting to hold on to my babies as tightly as I can.  The fear of who they will come in contact with.  Until that dreaded day in August, I was their world.  Our little family was all they knew.  If they played with someone new, I was there.  If they talked to someone new, I was there.  Each minute of every day, (unless they were with a sitter.. who was family) I was there. 

Now, my 5 year old son and 4 year old daughters were going to school...this new adventure will open up their world beyond my control.  Who will they play with?  Who will protect them?  Will they be happy?  Will they miss me?  Questions and questions.  This is what goes through a Mamas head when her baby goes to school the first day.  We cannot wait to see their little faces at 3:30.  To hear at least a sentence or two about what happened during their hours away from us.  I have found that little boys are not so forthcoming with details and little girls will usually tell you all about it (just by observation...although there are exceptions to every rule).  

Yesterday, August 25th, my grandson started Kindergarten.  To tell you the truth, I have not looked forward to this day.  I loved days of playing with him and taking Fall trips to the farm to get flowers, midweek.  I loved snuggles on the sofa and watching Dino Dan and Fresh Beat Band.  I didn't want those days to end but life moves quickly and it was time for him to start this new chapter.  

He did so well.  Looking like a little basketball player in his green shorts and Under Armor shirt.  Backpack on his back and lunchbox in his hands.  He closed his eyes and held my hand as his Pop prayed with him on the front porch...he even said, "Amen" with everyone.  

I was proud of him as he held his mommy's hand and waved goodbye to me while walking across the yard to the school. (His school is in his back yard)  As tears streamed down my face and a knot formed in his Pop's throat, Henry was excited to be going to school. 

That is they way it should be.  I am so glad he has this zeal for life and learning.  I pray he keeps it. 

So as the official school year has started around here, we are BRAVE.  Bravely facing this new stage in life of  "Henry's School Years".  Praying for him and his school, each day.  Taking pictures and rejoicing with him as he accomplishes each new task before him. 

Henry and his family
Lukie, Daddy and Mommy
missing Parker

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