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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What's Your Spice?

What's your spice?

Is your spice poetic...matter of fact...
theatrical...humor...intense...laid back...

Goof troop

What am I talking about?

We all have our own spice.  Our own specific flavor or way of doing things.

I am way more emotional than my husband.  He is more laid back and we compliment each other.  

It takes a lot of spice to make up Kimberly VanDyke.
Some spice is from my parents, my experiences, my husband, children, friends and of course, GOD.  It is what makes me uniquely me.  

Pastor Helen Bledsoe, who happens to be one of my mentors and close to my heart, she says, 

"Kimi, you will continue the work but you will add your own spice."  

I just love that.

So, what's your spice?  What makes you uniquely you?  What special gifts and traits did God give you that is required for the job at hand?  Are you willing to add your own spice?

Goofy at times

In cooking, it is best to taste before you add your spice.  Put a little in and then taste again until you get it at just the right flavor.  A good chef will spice his/her food to perfection and when you receive it at your table...no more spice needed.  It is uniquely that chefs recipe.  

I don't eat most of this stuff anymore...pictures look yummy

We don't all have to do things the exact same way.  We don't have to walk, talk, think, act...etc., the same way.  The world would be very boring if we were all cookie cutter people with no minds of our own.  I enjoy a different opinion every once in a while.  Sometimes the best ideas come from two different perspectives and when put together...Magic.

Bo making pasta in Italy

Don't be afraid to add your spice.  It might not satisfy every palate and you might need to add it gradually (don't go in there with your shakers going crazy), but God has put you here for such a time as this.  Like I said yesterday, insert yourself into the story.  You can make a difference and be a part.  Whether it is at your job, church, family, friends, community...add your spice.  We will all benefit from it.

I love the goofy spice of Jacob, my grand nephew, Godson

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