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Friday, August 7, 2015

A Life Changing Moment

There are moments that change your life so profoundly that life as you knew it no longer exists.

Now that statement sounds ominous.  Our minds go to something bad that has happened.  But truthfully, I have had more good things change my life than bad.

Today marks the 5th year of a life changing day for me.  The day I became a Grammy to a little 8lb 1oz boy, Henry William VanDyke.  Since that day, my life has never been the same.

So many memories are wrapped up in five little years.  I told him that he is now a whole hand.  

Five years ago, I saw my 18 year old daughter give birth...I was amazed by her strength and determination...her instinct as a new Mommy...the love she had for that boy filled the whole room.  She is still a wonderful mommy.

When he was born, not a cry or a whimper.  He just looked around the room with a frown on his face.  As if he was saying, "You are disturbing my peace".  The nurse took him and as she rubbed him his little swollen face began to scream.  After she got him to start crying, we couldn't get him to stop until I took him, put him next to his Mamas face and she kissed him...instant peace.  They were so connected and love filled the room.  

I felt such honor to be the one to hold that baby next to his Mama.  She had worked so hard for so many hours to bring him into this world.  I was overwhelmed.

Henry is an amazing little man.  Funny and caring, he's an attentive big brother and cousin.  He loves babies and calls them his babies.  Babies love him.  

I love the feel of his little hand in mine.  I love to hear his laugh when he just can't stop laughing.  I love when he plays skating in my family room (you know run/slide on the hardwood floor with socks on), I love to play hide n seek with him.  

Henry changed my life and continues to change it and me for the better.  I never thought the love between a Grammy and her grandchild was exactly the same as a mother and her child but I was wrong. This little man along with his brothers and cousin have changed my way of thinking.  As Henry says, "They're all my babies!!!!".  

I am so proud to be Henry's Grammy.  I am thankful for this amazing gift God gave to our family.  He brought life into our home and hearts and still does.  

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