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hope sign

Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Days

In our beautiful little county today it is BACK TO SCHOOL.  

I look on facebook and see all the smiling faces of excited children getting their "First day of School" pics taken.

My nephews on the left Jon (back) Matt (front)
My three on the right Jake (back) Juliana (polk dots) Kelcie (pig tails)

My mind is flooded of lining my three up in front of the house for our annual back to school photos.  We went from pony tails, tights and pretty dresses (for the girls of course) to jeans, boots and makeup and ended with photos next to the car they were driving to school.  It seemed to go by so fast.  

Elementary and Middle School

My son never really enjoyed the photo taking experience.  He obliged me and my mother in law...if the sun wasn't in his eyes.  

I remember each first day of Kindergarten and each first day of 12th Grade. And all the firsts in between.

Middle and High School

Mommy's french toast breakfast with bacon or sausage, juice and coffee (for parents and Mom Dyke).  After school snack while I was preparing their favorite dinner, Cheeseburger Meatloaf (made in individual loaves), mashed potatoes, peas, cooked apples and homemade ketchup.  This was the VanDyke tradition. My kids and my husband counted on this each year.

Juliana's first day of Senior Year

Next week my grandson, Henry, will experience his first day of "BIG" school.  He will start kindergarten.  I will grab my camera and be at his house first thing to take his picture.  My daughter will start her own family "First day of School" traditions.  This is exciting for me. 

Kelcie's first day of Senior Year

I think of all of these wonderful memories all while looking forward to the memories yet to be created.  My youngest daughter started her last semester of college this week as a Student Teacher in Florida.  On Monday, her students arrive.  She will be a part of countless first days of school for many kids.  I am so proud of her and the choices she is making.  

French Toast Breakfast...
I do believe that is bacon under the paper towel

I pray for our schools, teachers, students and parents.  As their lives intersect for several hours each day, I pray that God will protect, guide and keep them. That He will open their minds to learn what is needed and fill them with His grace, peace and love.  Let this year be a new beginning and a year without violence and discord.  Some may say this is an impossible dream but I say with GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  


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