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hope sign

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Hear the sound
the sound of the nations calling
Hear the sound
the sound of the fatherless crying
Who will go for us
Who will shout to the 
corners of the earth
that Christ is King

We speak to nations
Be open
We speak to nations
Fall on your knees
We speak to nations
The Kingdom is coming
near to you
Oh we speak to strongholds
Be broken
The powers of darkness
You have to flee
We speak to nations
The Kingdom is coming 
near to you
We speak to you
Be Free

By Israel Houghton

My sister sang this in church a couple of weeks ago.  I had forgotten about this song.  She started singing it and at first I thought she was writing it right there in front of us and then it sounded familiar.  When my son put the words up, I knew it was already written...but so timely for our nation.  

The power of God was so strong at our church on Webb Lane that Sunday Morning.  It sparked within me a desire to let our nation...America...The United States of America...One nation, under God...we need to be reminded that CHRIST IS KING.  

We are a nation that was founded on Freedom.  Freedom for all men and women.  Did our Forefathers get it 100% right...No.  They had blind spots and prejudices that today we cannot comprehend.  But guess what?  Our Forefathers didn't make us free.  

True freedom is not found in our beloved Constitution. 

It is not found in the Bill of Rights.  
It is not found at the altar of the Supreme Court.  
It is not found in Washington DC.  
It is not found in Amendments, new laws, the ACLU...it is not found in this beloved country.

True freedom is only found in God.  

You see, when we are able to live the way He created us to live, totally committed to Him, denying ourselves (our flesh, our lusts), resting in His authority and grace...then we are free.  

Heaven and earth
will disappear,
but my words
will never disappear.
-Matthew 24:35

And this world is fading away,
along with everything 
that people crave.
But anyone who does
what pleases God
will live forever.
-1 John 2:17

This world and all it's trappings are going to cease one day.  Everything that we so desire...money, things, power, rights, justice...it's going to fade away.  The scripture tells us that the only thing that will last is the Word of God.  And if we please God, we will live forever. 

So many Christians are living in fear these days, right here in the Free America.  But we have to remember that these trials are common to man.  So don't live in Fear...Perfect love casts out all fear.  Who is perfect love...JESUS.  So instead of running to Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media source you use to speak fear...speak love...speak Jesus...speak His words...they will never disappear. 

We can do as the song above says...Fall on your knees and be FREE!!!!  We are not fighting against flesh and blood anyway, this is a spiritual battle.  One that we cannot fight in the courts but in prayer with love.  Love will confuse the enemy because he cannot comprehend it.  

What more do we need in life?  Love, Freedom, Jesus.  Sweet Life.

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