hope sign

hope sign

Monday, June 8, 2015

Rested, Renewed, Ready

Well Hello....I'm Back!!  

Sorry I have been gone for a month.  We went from Conference to a much needed two week vacation. 

Now I am home and ready to write, edit photos and get back into "real" life.  

We had an amazing vacation at our favorite spot, Davis Dunes II, in Hatteras, NC.  Spent some much needed time with our family and friends.  Laughing, cooking, eating, playing games (Henry discovered UNO Attack...he's pretty good), just being together. I love long walks on the beach.  In the morning or as the air cools in the evening...my favorite time of each day. 

I love the way the sun is hitting the fence...
welcoming me to the sunset walk

The walks with my husband, talking and sharing our hearts and dreams.  Just being with each other without distractions...sweet renewal.  

Most of our family...You can't see Lukie and Parker was not with us.
Everyone is looking at the camera operator (Keyaira) except BO!!

So as life gets back to normal (well, normal for us), I will be sharing what the LORD has been teaching me and stirring within me.  

I am so excited and pumped about the Kingdom of God.  What we hear on the news, is not THE Truth. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life..."- John 14:6.  

You want direction...Jesus is the way! 
You want the truth...Jesus is the truth!  
You want life in all you do...Jesus is the life!  

He is ALL you need.  He will get you where you need to go...He will tell you what you need to know...He will give you the life you need to live...today, tomorrow and forever.  

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