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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Do You Do What You Say You Believe?

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

We have all been asked this question throughout our lives.  Teachers, mentors, parents, friends, spouses have all asked this question.  But a different question came to me today...

What would you do if you knew that God couldn't fail?

Do we have the faith to step out, to put feet on our beliefs, to open ourselves up to the Holy Spirit completely?  I mean, we say that we believe or know that it is impossible for God to fail but do we truly believe it or is it just words?  

Can God heal the sick through prayer?  Do we pray for the sick?  Do we lay hands on them and pray?  Or do we tell them we will pray and maybe say a quick prayer as to not be a liar but never take ownership of the prayer?  

Can God deliver people from drugs/alcohol, addictions, bad situations?  Do we speak these words or is our first reaction rehab?  Do we pray and truly believe?

Can God provide?  Do we give our tithe and offerings even if it will cut us short?  Do we try and out give God and trust Him to supply our needs.  I'm not talking foolishly...the Bible says that you cannot out give God, try it.  He will show up every time!! 

If you are doing something for the LORD, He will show up!  If you are not doing anything, why does He need to show up?  

When did the LORD provide Ruth's Kinsmen Redeemer?  While Ruth was working in the field.

When did the LORD provide Rahabs rescue?  When Rahab hid the spies.

When Naaman receive his healing?  When he dipped in the muddy Jordan River 7 times.

When did God anoint David King?  When he was caring for his father's sheep.

They were all doing something when God showed up!!  

What are you believing God for today?  

Have you given your faith, feet?  If not, start today. 
Take a step of faith.  Even if it's saying a prayer out loud and someone else hears you.  You can start talking about it.  Start the work and let God see how serious you are about it.  

That is why we walk the city streets twice a week...putting feet on our faith.  If nothing else, we are allowing God to change us, one step at a time, one street at a time, one day at a time.  It doesn't usually happen overnight (God does sometimes work that way though and it's real nice when He does) but God will show up.  And we all know that when God shows up...things happen.  

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