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Friday, May 8, 2015

To Be Just Like My Mom

These are the words I have heard all my life. 

My mom on the floor with her Great Grands..
Henry and Presley

The older I get, the more I hear them and the more I cherish them.

Sunday is the day we honor our Mothers.  Today I am going to explore what the statement above means to me.

Me and my Mom at Juliana's bridal shower...2012

What does it mean to be just like my Mother, 
Lorraine Estep?

1- Strong...No matter what is thrown at her by her     kids, grand kids, extended family, friends, church...she stands strong.  Her position doesn't change because of her environment.

I love this photo of my Mom and Dad on our way to Ocracoke, NC

2- Compassionate...Her thoughts are ever full of others.  Even if they don't see it...she is always wanting to make life right for others.  She may give instruction that seems like she doesn't understand, when in fact, if we would just listen and take her encouragement and instruction...it would fix it.  

Me and Mom a couple of Easters ago

3- Loving...I cannot remember a time when she put herself first.  She is always putting others needs before her own.  Never really considering herself in the equation.  She is always serving God and others.

Mom and Henry...Love this

4- Faithful...She is always a faithful wife, mother, Pastor, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, friend. You never have to ask if she is going to show up because, she is faithful.  You never wonder if she is going to keep her word because, she is faithful.  She will pray for you when she says she will.  

Mom...she is just beautiful!!

5- FUNNY...My Mom is so funny.  She loves to laugh and I love that about her.  She is quick witted and she makes me laugh.  

Her Joy is contagious

These are just 5 things about my Mother that stand out to me.  So when people say that I am just like my mother...Thank you.  It is an honor.  

Kelcie, Henry and Mom

Mom and some of her grand daughters
Lauren, Tori, Kelcie, Scovia, Jenna and Juliana...
missing Autumn

Mom and Dad...in their happy place

Mom and Juliana

Mom and Autumn

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