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Monday, June 15, 2015

Living A Shared Life

Bo and I on our way to the Grapes wedding

Well what a weekend we had. 

My nephew Jon married a beautiful girl, Faith.  We welcome her to the family with open arms and hearts.  Truth be told, she was already a part of us, way before the wedding.  

My mom hugging the groom before the wedding.
He is her oldest grandchild.

I love weddings and this one was amazing.  The bride was glowing and the groom was all smiles.  You could feel the presence of God during the ceremony.  When they took communion, my sister (the mother of the groom) sang and boy was it beautiful.  

The groom with his mom, Christian and step dad, Patrick.  

The reception was a blast and gorgeous!!!  Splashes of yellow and white everywhere.  I have to say, my nephew can dance!!  

They had the wedding on a Friday night and I loved it.  After dancing and just having so much fun, Saturday was super restful.  It gave us all a chance to relax before church on Sunday.  

I don't really write that much anymore about my days but this weekend was special.  Of course the wedding started it off with a romantic, fun start but it didn't end there.  Saturday to me was just as special.  

It was just me and Bo most of the day.  We got up really late.  We watched a movie we had seen before...just cuddling on the bed.  He went to the store and then made me Cocovan chicken...YUMMY!!!  It was just what I needed.  The parents of the groom came over and ate dinner with us and we laughed and talked and relived moments from the wedding weekend.  

Living a shared life is what makes life joyful.  Sharing the moments, big and small with others is what family and community are all about.  

I am thankful for the big family times and the quiet Kimi/Bo times.  This weekend, I had both.  And to finish it all off with perfection...I was in the House of God on Sunday Morning worshipping with my church family.  Learning about The Challenge of Trust from our Bishop.  

It's a challenge to trust-
It's a challenge to love-
Love Trusts

Congratulations Faith and Jon Grapes

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