hope sign

hope sign

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Give Me Ears To Hear

Most days we get up thinking about what we have to do that day.  Making lists in our minds.  Trying to get things straight.  

Some of the things that go through my mind are...
1- Prayer Walk
2- Bible Study
3- Gotta Eat (probably while studying)
4- Laundry
5- Write...maybe I should write first and then Bible Study and eat or      if I study and eat before writing, it will give me something to write about.  I could use a little stirring before writing.  (This is how I talk to myself...not pretty).

My list continues from there thinking about what to eat and how much water I need to drink, oh yeah, don't forget your vitamins Kimi.  I make lists in my mind and then remake the list to fit what I want to do that particular day.  If you could read my mind, you would be lost most of the time.  

One thing I have noticed in my list making...I rarely list serving others.  It's usually something I am doing for myself and not thinking how I can serve someone else today.  

I am starting to feel the pull to ask God daily, "How do you want to use me today, LORD?"  "Is there someone I should be looking for?"  "Is there someone I need to help?"  

These questions can mess up the list I have already made in my mind.  My well organized (lol) day does not leave room for service.  
Laundry, making dinner, playing with my grandsons, taking pictures, learning how to use some new editing program...so much to preoccupy my time and all necessary but where is the service?

What if God tells me to throw out all my plans for the day and go minister to someone in need?  Will I go or will I stay?  Will I reason my way out of it or will I submit to the will of God for the day?  On days that my list consists of boring stuff, it might be easy but what about the days I really want to do something else?  

Obedience to what God is speaking
to you today is
(author unknown)

So today, I will start a new list that will always start with, "God, how do you want to use me today?"  Everything else on the list will depend on His answer.  

Give me ears to hear.


  1. looking up the unforced rhythms of nature and your message about the unforced rhythms of grace came up...thanks for the beautiful message and reminder. your message on give me ears to hear is great too and I wanted to tell you your photographs are amazingly beautiful. I would like to start a blog sometime when I get a computer and yours has inspired me. wishing you a blessed day, Polly

    1. Thank you Polly. Let me know when you get your blog set up, I would love to read it. God Bless You, Kimi