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hope sign

Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Lukie

Today my Lukie is ONE!!!  

So, I will celebrate this wonderful life that God has given our family.  

This boy is so very loved.

I love the way....

1- He grunts at me.  It is his hello, come here, I want that, look at me...I think he should have been on Home Improvement.  He loves to grunt.

2- He loves bread.  He was so excited to eat a hamburger bun at his party.  The boy can put away some bread.

Lukie and his roll...he cracks me up.

3- He loves to dance and music.  I can just start beating on the table.  If it sounds like music, Lukie starts shaking his booty!!  

4- He gives me love by putting his forehead on mine.  I love this.  He is so sweet.

5- He loves his big brothers but He is truly the boss!!  

So here are some photos of his birthday party.

Grammy and Lukie...I love this

Pop and Lukie...He loves his balloon

Lukie and Auntie Scovia

The Great Grandfathers and Lukie

Papa Estep and Lukie watching the bubbles Aunt Faith was blowing.

Ready for a cupcake

It's stuck on his fingers

Took care of that

Mommy Lukie Daddy...He's looking at Mommy

Mommy Lukie Daddy...He's looking at Daddy
Couldn't get him to look at Grammy

Boy's got wheels now!!!

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