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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Paths, Doors...Awaken Your Sleeping Prophet

What is the holy ground in your life right now?

Is God speaking to you today?  

Has He set a path before you that He desires  you to walk?

I love paths and doors.  I know it sounds strange but alleyways and hidden pathways excite me.  I love photographs and paintings of pathways.  You cannot see what is beyond but it must me something magical because there is a specific pathway leading me there. 

I love hidden beach paths and mysterious paths covered by vines and flowers.  All lead somewhere...which path I should take is the question...where do I want to end up?

Kimi, you must be BRAVE

When Bo and I were in Italy this past September/October, I fell in love with the most beautiful huge doors that we walked by daily in Rome.  Some were painted, others were stained with dark rich tones.  The hardware on the doors were chunky metal that  you know were original to these ancient structures.  But what I wanted to know most...what was behind these spectacular doors??
Some were churches, homes, stores, hotels...all had a story.  

Some of these doors lead to holy places and others to unholy.  Which doors would I enter given the chance?

In the words of Macrina Wiederkehr from her book Seasons of Your Heart...

"The Moses in my heart trembles
not quite willing 
to accept the prophet hidden in my being
wondering how much it will cost
to allow that prophet to emerge.

O child of unnecessary shoes
cast them off
and stand in readiness
on this holy ground.
For the Egypt in people's lives
demands that you see the burning bushes 
all around you
burning wildly
calling you
away from the comfort
of well-protected feet.

The ground you stand is holy.
Take off your shoes!
The ground of your being is holy.
Take off your shoes!
Awaken your sleeping prophet
Believe in your Moses
and go..."

What is God speaking to you today?
What path is He leading you down?
Where is He speaking from?

Take off your shoes of doubt...
Take off your shoes of distraction...
Take off your shoes of complacency... 
Take off your shoes of busyness...
Take off your shoes envy, strife, bitterness...
Take off your shoes...
The ground...right where you are is Holy.

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