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hope sign

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Flip Side Of The Coin

A gift from my niece that I have hanging in my office.

While I was getting dressed yesterday, ready for my hair appointment that will take the gray away, I started thinking about how we see ourselves.  I am not talking about the outer self but how we see ourselves as a whole.  

Most of us look at ourselves everyday in the mirror. We see our outward flaws, our imperfections or you may see your outward beauty, your complexion perfection.  But when you think about yourself beyond what is visible, in the hidden parts of your heart and soul, what do you see?

Only you and God know, truly know all your thoughts and desires.  Only you and God know all the hidden hurts, shame, sin...etc.  

This is what I started writing down in the few seconds I had yesterday morning and kept writing down this morning.

We are not our sin
We are not our pain
We are not our short comings
We are not our habits
We are not our mistakes
We are not our insecurities
We are not our shame
We are not our want
We are not our need
We are not our shattered dream
We are not our past
We are not our curse
We are not our hurts
We are not discarded
We are not forgotten
We are not alone

In turn there has to be a flip side to this coin of who we are not, telling us who we are.  

We are forgiven
We are healed
We are complete
We are renewed
We are rich
We are strong
We are the future
We are a promise
We are full
We are restored
We are beautiful
We are joy
We are fearless
We are loved
We are BRAVE

How do we flip the coin from focusing on who we think we are to who God says we are?  How do we train our minds to think this way?  We have to fill it with the good and starve the bad.  

Philippians 4:8The Message (MSG)

8-9 Summing it all up, friends, 
I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds 
and meditating on things 
true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, 
—the best, not the worst; 
the beautiful, not the ugly; 
things to praise, not things to curse. 
Put into practice what you learned from me, 
what you heard and saw and realized. 
Do that, and God, 
who makes everything work together, 
will work you into his most excellent harmonies.

Henry was saying KACK KACK KACK
(quack quack quack)

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