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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Walk It Out

What if the call of God requires that you deny yourself, your wants, even your needs?  Is it worth it?  Can you go through with it?  

What if God calls you to a small church, with few people, no money and no possibility of advancement?  Is it worth it?  Can you go through with it?

What if God calls you to serve a mean rich man, taking his verbal abuse with little appreciation?  Is it worth it?  Can you go through with it?

What if the will of God is totally in conflict with your will?  

What will you do?  

Maybe you can play it off that God spoke through a prophet that you don't like, soooo, I will push it out of my mind and write it off as false. 

Maybe you think too highly of yourself and God knows that He made you for more than a small church...surely you are more valuable to God where you can really show off your skills.   

You may think that God doesn't speak through your dreams and you write it off as the pizza you ate last night.

These are things God has been dealing with me about.  He asked me some questions, "Do you believe this is my will and my timing?  Do you believe the Word of my prophets?  Do you truly believe?"  

When I answered yes then He said, "Then walk in it."  

If you truly believe, then no matter what, you will do what God has spoken.  It might not be easy or comfortable.  You might not get famous or rich but you will be where God placed you.  

Let's serve one another

In that moment, in the times of obedience, you will see Jesus.  It's when we serve, it's when we humble ourselves like the shepherds in the field, keeping watch over their flocks by night...it's in our obedience to the WORD from God (using angels, prophets, dreams, plain talk, pastors, children, whomever He pleases) that we see the face of Jesus.  Face to face, in all of His Glory. (Dottie Rambo, thanks)  

This isn't just for pastors or preachers.  This is for the church, for the people of God.  Maybe He is calling you to a small church because you have something that church needs or better yet, they have something you need.  

Pastor Bo said last night in his sermon that we have to insert ourselves into the WORD of the LORD.  We have to take a step of faith.  Most of the time, we cannot see what is around the corner.  But without taking the step of faith, we limit God, we limit what He wants to do in us and through us.  

If the shepherds had not left the field after the angels declared the birth of Jesus.  If they had stayed put just thinking how nice it was to see the angels...such a pretty show, Thanks God.  They would have missed out on seeing Jesus.  What a tragedy that would have been.  You and I both know that once you have seen Him, your life is forever changed.  

This is a challenging word.  It is a timely word for us (Bo and I).  It all comes down to the question that God asked me...


What I truly believe, I will live, I will put my feet in it and walk it out.  

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