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Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Jake

Well hello FRIDAY!!  

This weekend, we get to celebrate the 25th Birthday of my firstborn.  I cannot believe he will be 25 on Sunday.  

Jake has been with me my whole adult life.  He made his appearance when I was 18 and my life has never been the same.  

Look how beautiful he is.  

Now he's a daddy and a husband.  I am so very proud of him.  I love his sense of humor and his heart.

I remember when he entered into 6th grade.  Such a big year for so many kids.  We gave him money for his gym uniform and he came home without any change.  When asked about it, he said, "_________ needed a gym uniform and I felt bad for her, so I took the rest of my money and bought it for her so she wouldn't be embarrassed.  I knew you and Dad would be okay with that."  His heart...so big.  That was a proud day for me.  

I wish this photo was better quality bc
I love it.

Jake and His beautiful bride, Scovia.

Wearing my hat...this boy cracks me up.

First time he held his baby boy BO
He's such a good daddy.


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