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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Arrow, The Feather, The Diamond

Jake and Scovia gave me a necklace for Christmas.  It is a gold necklace with an arrow, a feather and a diamond (shape in gold not jewel).  

They didn’t know that I was looking for my Word of the year when they purchased this beautiful necklace.  

Tonight I was sitting in my office, doodling on a piece of paper.  Writing my Word of the year over and over again… Brave, brave, BrAvE…just playing and thinking.  I am a doodler, just ask my kids.  

I thought to myself, I wish I had the ability to create and draw new fonts.  Something that would show what this word means to me.  Something that would show the strength, determination, consistency, direction, impact of this word.  I would hang it in my office and be reminded of what God has been laying on my heart.  Something beautiful that I could see everyday.  If only I was an artist, a true artist.

Then it hit me….

The arrow, the feather, the diamond…that was it…BRAVE.  

The arrow…direction, the mark, when teamed up with a bow (Bo), great impact.

The feather…dress, nature, description…It dresses the arrow, lets others know whose arrow it is, can identify the owner…”Who am I? Who do I belong to? Who is my guide?”

The diamond…hardest mineral, most valued, used as an abrasive, most desired…represents steadfast love…when transparent and free of flaws, it is most valuable.  

Three things I am going to need this year to be BRAVE…the arrow, the feather and the diamond.  

I believe it was a God moment when Jake and Scovia bought me an extra gift for Christmas.  Each time I wear that necklace I will be reminded, to be BRAVE…God’s word for me.  

Jake told me that he thought of my Native American Heritage when he bought it.  I love that.  It reminds me that I have a Heritage to leave to my children, grand children and so on.  

So on this first Monday in 2015, I am ready, excited, filled with anticipation to see what is in store for me, my family and my church.  

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