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Friday, January 23, 2015

Acts of LOVE

Bo and I are so very blessed to live around family.  Most of our immediate family lives in the same small county as us or close by.  

I was telling my parents yesterday how thankful I am that we have such a good family...both sides.  We look out for one another, uplift one another, we are there for each other when everyone else is looking the other way.  I don't know how other families work, but I know how the Estep and VanDyke families work. 

Sunday Morning, the rain is falling and freezing on the roads.  We are concerned about our CtK Church family being out on the roads.  We are hearing reports of accidents on 95, Route 1, 222...almost every road around had an accident.  I tell Bo that he should call the Bishop to discuss canceling service instead of just postponing.  About that time, my brother in law, Roy calls Bo.  He is concerned about us driving to Havre de Grace because he's been out on the roads already and saw an accident.  FAMILY!  

Most of the VanDyke family Easter 2014

The more I think about Roy calling us, concerned about us, checking up on us...the more I am humbled and my heart is full.  What some would deem as a small act of kindness, I see as an act of love.  

Poppie and Kelcie before her Senior Prom

How many acts of love can we do today, this weekend, this coming week, this month?  How can we show our families, friends, church family, that we love them?  We can focus on what divides us, poke fun, be arrogant because we think we have it all together or we can focus on what unites us...our need for each other, we all have weaknesses, we all have flaws, we are all loved by our Creator, we are in this together.  I prefer to focus on what unites us.  

Love each other 
with genuine affection,
and take delight in honoring
each other.
-Romans 12:10 NLT

There is enough division in this world.  People are fighting and fussing everyday, sometimes about very important issues but when we come into the house, when we enter the threshold of our homes...let love reign.  Let peace fill our hearts, lives and homes.  

Just a smidge of the Estep family...
we are too large of a family to fit in one pic

I read this in my notes on my phone this morning...I think it is notes from a message by my Bishop.  

Forgiveness is loves greatest generosity

Provision is loves joy

Service is loves perfection

The Estep crew minus grandchildren and great grandchildren

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