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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Intentionally Live A Life Of Love

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

I heard this morning, "Never develop a wounded spirit".  

I am finding out, the older I get, that life has to be lived intentionally.  No more letting things happen and then we deal with the aftermath...live intentionally.  

I was intentional when I raised my children in the house of God.  When I taught them about loving God most, tithing and faithfulness.  What was my intention?
For my children to KNOW God intimately.  For it to be more than just a Sunday/Wednesday kind of thing.  For Jesus to be such a part of them that we cannot see the dividing line where He begins and they end.  That was my intention.  

There are so many out there who are considered the "Walking Wounded."  We hear and read so much about how the church wounded me and how they cannot recover.  I am here to tell you this morning that, that is your choice. You can decide to live a wounded life or to live a healed life.  Be intentional.  
Decide to live healed and then refuse to let wounds take root in your spirit from here on out.  

Yes, I am aware that sometimes people hurt others/us.  And sometimes we need help getting through the emotions and physical wounds of such tragedies. I'm not saying, "Don't get help"...I am saying "Your spirit is the key to your future and above all else Proverbs 4:23 says, we should guard it with all diligence. (the Bible translates the word for heart and spirit interchangeably)"-Brian Houston  

My spirit soars...it is free from fears & wounds

I am doing a study on "My Spirit My Responsibility".  I just keep hearing in my mind, Live intentionally!  It's like screaming at me.  Don't be afraid to say I did it on purpose or that was my intention. 

The Lord is well aware of our motives anyway.  Even if we can fool the world around us...we cannot fool God.  

The LORD'S light penetrates the
human spirit, exposing
every hidden motive.
-Proverbs 20:27 

People may be pure in their 
own eyes, but the LORD
examines their motives.
-Proverbs 16:2

I have to guard my heart/spirit every day.  I cannot let things settle in that have no business being there.  I have to be able to recognize the bad and protect my spirit from it.  That means, I have to be so well acquainted with the good, the lovely, the pure, the right...with JESUS, that the bad, ugly, wounds have no place to take root.  I have to intentionally live a life of love.  

I love on purpose.  I love you on purpose.  I love me on purpose.  I love God on purpose.  I am not forced to do it...I do it because God taught me how to.  

Fear or beauty?
I choose to see beauty.   

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