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Monday, January 26, 2015

Pretty & Fancy

I love watching Downton Abbey, Becoming Jane, Pride and Prejudice...anything from that time frame.  I like to see the costumes, the beauty and pageantry, classy lines, classy ladies, gentlemen...I love it all.

Last night after Bo and I watched Downton and then Grantchester (which takes place after WWII), I noticed something.  I like to watch these shows because of the beauty.  We don't "Dress" every day.  We are a sweat pants, sweater, Ugfg wearing kind of world.  In the times of Downton Abbey, the Aristocratic women dressed and undressed several times a day.  They had to have ladies maids to help them because it was like a full-time job just keeping up with the outfits of the day. 

When did we become so casual?  The only time people dress up now is for work, and that is only if they have to.  People walking around stores in their pajamas, looking like they just rolled out of bed, hair a mess, slippers on...a mess.  There was a time that most of the world would have thought the pajama wearing slobs had escaped from a mental ward.  Now it's the norm. The patients have taken over the asylum. 

Our first Easter together...I bought this dress myself.
First fancy lacy dress I ever bought.  I loved this dress.

I see women on "dates" with their husbands/boyfriends looking like they just rolled out of bed.  Now, I am not the prettiest of ladies, I have a TON of flaws but when I go out with my husband, I fix myself up.  I don't go to the grocery store without makeup and my hair fixed.  Is it vanity?  I don't know and I don't care.  I call it, "being kind to the world around me"...you are welcome.  I have noticed that some men encourage this messy behavior.  They think it is real and they prefer it.  NOT MY MAN!!!  He likes it when I am put together.  

To tell the truth, I like myself better when my hair is done, my nails are pretty, I have killer shoes, jewelry, makeup and purse.  I like to accessorize and I like pretty things.  When my girls were little, I loved to dress them up in frilly pretty clothes.  When they let me, I still love to buy them pretty things and get their hair and nails done.  

Me and my girls 2011, going to the Hotel DuPont
for dinner and The Nutcracker Ballet

So today, on this snowy beautiful day, I will look at pretty things and as my sisters and I call it, BE FANCY!!  I like fancy.  I like romance.  I like pretty. It's okay, I know not all will agree.  But I guess that is what makes me, me.  

My fancy sisters

I hope you all have a fancy pretty day.

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