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Friday, December 19, 2014

What Brings Out The Dreaming Child In You?

What reminds you of being a kid?  This time of year always brings out the dreaming child in me.

My Grandsons around my tree

Last night, at our church we had a special Carol sing/Advent hour program.  It was wonderful.  Before everyone arrived, Bo and I went upstairs to my office to make copies for the participants.  Of course, I didn't have my key so we took the scenic route through the nursery, into the apartment and then into my office.  

Our grandson baby Bo...3 months old

When I entered the apartment, which is in the process of becoming the Kingdom Kids room, I paused.  

I told Bo, "I had a lot of great Christmases here."  Pointing to the corner between the tiny kitchen and tiny living room..."right there is where the tree sat when Christian and I knocked it down twice in one night because of carrying on or fighting...Sarah was babysitting us while mom and dad went Christmas shopping."  I felt the memory.  I could smell the home.  

That small 2 1/2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment housed a family of 7 and at times, a family of 12.  We were very cozy to say the least.  

Sadie and my Mom...her great grandmother

This morning, I walked into my dining room, still in my robe, no shoes or slippers (sorry Daddy), looking out the window and I stood on the heat vent as the heat was blowing.  I felt like a little girl, warming my feet and it blowing up my robe.  I stood there and expected my dad to come around the corner and say, "Girl, get some socks on those feet."  He still looks at my feet to make sure they are covered. I love that.

My Mom and Daddy
Love them so much.

Christmas always brings with it so many amazing childhood memories.  Days spent at Mom Mom Alice's and Aunt Hopie's.  Riding bikes through Havre de Grace with Jeannie and Cheryl.  Playing outside in the freezing cold with Jodie and Joy.  The noise, the excitement when my name was called for a present. Waiting for mom and dad to go to bed so Ronald, Christian, Cheryl and I could get up on Christmas Eve and fill our parents stockings with fruit, homemade cards and anything else we could find so they wouldn't be without on Christmas morning...we didn't have money but we had great imaginations.

I love the memories.

Great Papa Estep with Bo and Sadie

I love the feeling.

My Daddy, sister Christian (Ms. Frizzle) and Baby Bo looking
at his crazy great aunt...lol

I love Christmas and family.

A blurry pic of Pop (Bo) with
all his grandsons

I know not everyone has great Christmas memories.  The older I get, the more I see how rare and precious my childhood was.  I am thankful for my parents and everyone who has been a part of my life and Christmases past.  

I look forward to Christmas future, making more memories with my children and grandchildren.  


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