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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thankful For My "Lifers"...

What is better than sitting in your living room, tree lit, music playing, a cup of coffee in your new penguin cup from Pier1?  The house is quiet, just the rumbling of the heat and the smell of coffee and of course the wonderful smell of the Christmas tree.  I'm in heaven.  

Yes, I still have a ton to do before Christmas Day but it's these little moments that settle my spirit and I feel engulfed in the Christmas Spirit.  

I get to go have lunch today with one of my best friends, Vikie.  We have been close for like almost 30 years.  WOW!!!  That is a long time...since I'm only 21, it's a miracle...(cough, cough).

Me and Vikie at CTK's Christmas Party

Bo, Me, Vikie and John at CTK's Christmas Party

There are friends that are God appointed lifers.  Vikie is one of mine.  She is my fathers first cousin and my friend.  We only get a few lifers.  I have Vikie and Sarah and of course my sisters and Mom.  The older we get, the more we see that a "lifer" friend is a precious gift.  They know all my short comings and love me anyway.  My "lifers" stood up with me 25 years ago and supported me and Bo when we committed our lives to each other.  They were there when I had all my children.  They have mourned with me and laughed with me.  I have made them mad and hopefully, I have inspired them in some ways.  I love my "lifers".  

I am so thankful for days like today.  It's not everyday that I get to dwell in this Christmas Hope, Joy and Love.  

I hope you each get a moment, an hour, a day like this.

Merry Christmas!!!

Pucker Up John!!!

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