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Friday, December 12, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things...

One of my most beloved traditions is our annual Sisters Shopping Day.  Which over the years has morphed into really a Estep Family Shopping Day...Mom, Dad and Kids.  

This year was no exception.  Yesterday, my mom, dad, sisters, brother, husband and I set out on our special Christmas shopping day...missing our Jack and Patrick.  We laughed and talked from the time we all jammed into our Suburban at the office until we dropped everyone off at the office with all the wonderful purchases.  

Me, mom and Christian

Christian (my older sister) quoted Christmas Vacation and embarrassed Cheryl (my younger sister) with her colorful descriptions in stories.  

Ronald (our brother), who is over six feet and shoved into the third seat of the Suburban with Christian and Cheryl, laughed at everything Christian said and then laughed harder at Cheryl's reactions and quick comebacks.

Kimberly (Ronald's wife), Mom and I were in the middle seat.  Kimberly had the smallest purse with more snacks than a kid packs for summer camp.  I said, "Man, Mary Poppins, how many snacks do you have in there?"  I was amazed that they all fit.  

Our Family a couple of years ago

Bo and Daddy were in the front, listening and laughing with all of us.  

We over-talk one another and pick at each other.  We all have what I call the "spirit of interruptous".  Not a real word but a real thing.  

There isn't anything like family coming together.  Stories of our childhood and of our children and now grandchildren.  To tell you the truth, My Heart Is Full today because of yesterday.  

As some have told me before, my family is overwhelming for some but I wouldn't have it any other way.  We laugh loud, we sing loud, yes, we are loud but we are full of love.  

Things I love about US

*The way Daddy just smiles and shakes his head at us..."Daddy, that is funny but you don't want to read it...look the other way when walking by that shirt"-Kimi to Daddy at Urban Outfitters

*We love to quote movies...all day long Cheryl would say, "Kimi, Kimi, Kimi" quote from My Best Friends Wedding-Bathroom scene.

(L-R)...Cheryl, Me, Bo, Ronald, Kimberly, Christian

*Moms laugh...it's loud, unmistakably hers, it's contagious, it's pure joy, it's comforting, it's HOME and Ronald laughs just like her.  

*I love our own personal quotes, "You eat like a hoover on high"(by Cheryl)..."I want to lose weight but not enough to quit eating"(by Kimi)..."SHEESH"(by Cheryl and now even Henry says it all the time)

(L-R)...Me, Mom, Dad, Cheryl, Kimberly, Christian, Ronald

*When Daddy would start whistling a tune in the car and one of us would start singing and then before you know it, everyone is singing...one of my favorite childhood memories, singing, harmonizing in the car.

Me, Phillip, Ronald, Christian (not sure where Cheryl is)

Yes this is me and Phillip with a fro...not a good look
There are so many other things I love about our family but I just can't list them all.  We are so blessed.  

What are some of your most beloved traditions?  

Here is my favorite purchase of the day...

For Sadie...can't wait to see her in it!

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