hope sign

hope sign

Monday, November 17, 2014

Holes..Memories...New Life

Everywhere I look, there are holes.  

Where there used to be a bed, now just stuff that was under the bed.

Where the dresser stood proud in the corner of the room...just the stuff that had made it's way behind the dresser.

No baby noises or the sound of water running in the downstairs bathroom.

I listen, expecting to hear something...nothing happens.  

The dining room table is covered with the things that were in the curved glass china cabinet, the office is covered with books and boxes that didn't make the move...well, truthfully, most of it is our junk, not Jake and Scovia's.  

I can sit and keep writing sad, depressing, lonely thoughts or I can see this as an opportunity.  

It's time to clean up the mess and repurpose some rooms and things.  If I allow myself, my mind can go crazy with possibilities.  Play room for the grandsons, redecorated guest room and bathroom with a guest sitting room/study...I can go on and on.  

It's all in my perspective and attitude.  Yes, this is an adjustment.  I keep waiting for the kids to come home from somewhere.  I don't even know if I know how to cook dinner for two, it's been 25 years.  One thing I do know, I will adjust to this new life of an empty nest...eventually.  

Our growing family...I was pregnant with Juliana

Me, Bo, Jake (Juliana in my belly)


Life changes and I look forward to what the future holds but I am so thankful for these days.  

Juliana and Aaron and their boys

Jake and Scovia and Baby Bo

My baby, Kelcie

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