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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Vow, The Surrender, The Connection

This weekend was super busy.  But, it was also, amazingly good.  My two newest grandsons and great nephew were dedicated to the LORD on Sunday Morning.  Every time a child is dedicated to the LORD, I cry and it fills my heart with joy.

It just so happened that Sunday, all the babies were related.  All three are the great grandsons of the Bishop, my father, Ronald Estep and two were the grandsons of the Pastor, my husband, Bo VanDyke. 

I love that the families come together, along with the church family, vowing to make sure that these precious little boys know Jesus.  Until they can make the personal decision to follow Him,  we will teach them and raise them to know that Jesus loves them.  We will teach them the traditions of the church, telling them about Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ruth, The Apostles, Creation, The Day of Pentecost...etc.  

You see, Sunday Morning wasn't just lip service and a pretty ceremony to us.  We take it very seriously.  It is a time to welcome these boys into the Church.  Saying that they are a part of us and we are a part of them.  We are connected to something greater than humanity, we are connected to the Creator of it all...Jesus. 

In my own life, raising my own three children, knowing that I had given the LORD reign in their lives, knowing that they are God's, gave me great comfort.  When everything around said, "you've failed, look around you", I knew that God had them in the palm of His hand.  They are not perfect, but neither is their mother.  Now I look at them and see how God moved.  I still rely on God to keep them and it still brings me comfort to know that they belong to Him.  

Pop saying a special prayer over Luke.  Luke is watching his Pop.
One of my favorites from Sunday.

Pop praying over Baby Bo.  He's watching him so closely.
My heart is full.  Another one of my favorites.

Tony & Emily Miller...Bo's Godparents
Kelcie VanDyke...Luke's Godmother & Auntie

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  1. Thanks for your great recommendations on location for vows. It’s such a very beautiful place and I hope you had done great fun on this event. More pictures if you can share?