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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

She Invested In Me...

What in your life built you?

Is there something or someone specific that you can say, "It/he/she/they built me" or "It/he/she/they were instrumental in who I am today?"

Who were your greatest influences?  Where did they come from?  

Here is my Daughter, Scovia teaching the kids
at Friday Night Light...
The legacy continues...

What kind of person would you be without them?

I know that we can draw on many instances in our lives that have had a great impact on us.  Words said by someone passing by, a gift that made us feel special, a hug at just the right time.  I am not talking about something quick, I am talking about investment.  Investment of time, soul, funds, prayer, teaching, love, correction...LIFE.

So many times, we want to focus on the great moments or the unexpected moments but true, dependable, impactful, discipleship, requires more than a moment or a quick fix.  

I had a teacher, mentor, friend who took me to her side and taught me about working with children with a purpose of giving them God.  She saw in me what no one but maybe my parents saw in me.  She was patient, kind, joyful, loving, funny...all the while teaching me and encouraging me and giving me a safe place, when no one else seemed to care.  I still use what she taught me, I used it when my children were little, I used it when I taught Pre-K, I used it when I taught the children at church.  So many lessons learned just from observing and knowing that she loved me, no matter what.  This lady, is also my God Mother, Geri Sharp.  

I remember a moment though, when us Estep kids were very little.  We lived above the church in the apartment, and we didn't own a TV.  Mom called us into the living room to tell us that the Sharps were bringing over their TV so that we could watch Mary Poppins.  Oh, I remember how excited we were.  Daddy popped the popcorn on the stove, put it in the big green bowl and we sat down, in front of the tiny TV with great anticipation.  That was when I fell in love with the movie...it is still one of my favorites today.  Giving of herself, time, resources to four little kids and their parents...a truly wonderful man and women.  

Without Geri Sharp, there would be no Friday Night Light at CTK

There were many moments just like this one.  Teaching us what it is to give without anything in return.  Just the excitement of four little kids.  I remember being so excited that I almost cried.  A true treat.  A gift of ones self.  

Tender Heart the Clown wouldn't have been born,
without Geri Sharp

You can tell me all day long that you love me.  You can put it on a card or write it in a letter or whatever.  But love is an action.  It requires something of you.  I am chained forever to my children because love constrains me.  Just like Kenneth and Geri Sharp loved us and gave of themselves because of that love.  

Geri Sharp was our Kids Church leader who
first introduced the Fruits (Come to life)

Today, I honor them...Kenneth and Geri Sharp, they helped build me.  Kenneth Sharp showed me in our Christian school that to do things the right way is always the best.  Do it right, get it right.  I still hold that in my heart and I do try my best to get it right.  

(I stole this from her facebook)
She is still at it.
My God Mother, Geri Sharp (on the right)
I want to be that for someone.  I hope I have been that for my children, nieces, nephews, kids in the church.  For them to say that I freely gave of myself and honored God and them, that has to be one of the greatest compliments ever.  

I want to build and not tear down.  I want to love and not fear.  I want to be positive and not negative. That is my prayer this morning. 

 Who/What built you?  There are many blocks in the foundation of a building.  Each one laid by hand, set in mortar, creating a firm foundation.  I have many contributors to building Kimberly Estep VanDyke.  

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