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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Art of Love

One of my favorite pics of them

Have you ever seen real love before?

Like story book love?

The kind of love that prefers the other to the point that your like, "alright already, we know, you love each other!"

This kind of love that others don't believe exists and when they see it, they think it is fake or they make fun because they just don't understand.  

I grew up around this kind of love.

This love built me and raised me.

Me with my parents...couple of years ago

I thought everyone had this kind of love in the home.

I didn't realize how special and rare it is in the world.

My parents, Ronald and Lorraine Estep, have mastered the art of love.  Today, they have been married for 47 years.  I have been around for 43 of those 47. I have had a front row seat of this love, all of my life.  

I have seen them grow stronger and stronger throughout the years, becoming One as the Word instructs.  They are much stronger together than apart.  

They don't criticize each other or demean.  They are truly kind and generous. It's not an act or charade.  It's true, it's holy, it's the very essence of their home...PEACE, LOVE, JOY.  

The Art of Love...if it was a painting, it would be a portrait of my parents.  

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!  An inspiration for us all.

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