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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Memory Lane

Yesterday, I turned 43 years old.  I didn't get a chance to write because of a full schedule so I am going to do some remembering on today's blog.

Kimi's timeline (backwards):

July 29, 2014- Kimi turns 43, she has 3 grandsons and 1 more on the way.  She has been married for 25 years, has three grown children and two of them are married to wonderful people.  She has gone from Pastors daughter to Pastors wife in the church she grew up in.  

July 29, 2004- Kimi turns 33, she is on her way home from Germany with Bo and Jake. They were finishing up the Sound of Music tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland with Jake's German class.  It was an amazing trip.  The next day, Bo and Kimi are going to settlement on their new home and moving in...the next couple of days are a blur.

July 29, 1994- Kimi turns 23, she has three little ones, Jake is four, Juliana is two and Kelcie is one.  This is their first summer in the house they purchased in Calvert.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have air conditioning, so I am guessing, Kimi is at her mothers with her three babies, cooling off.

July 29, 1989- (Yes, I am going back 5 years now instead of 10)-Kimi turns 18, she is a newly wed by only a couple of weeks...28 days to be exact.  After work, Kimi goes to her parents to sleep until Bo picks her up.  Only one car, they live in a tiny one bedroom apartment but Happy doesn't even describe how they feel.

July 29, 1984- Kimi turns 13, she is a teenager now.  Each year through her teens, Kimi spends her birthday at Mount Deliverance Youth Camp.  Great days.  Had a really bad perm!  Was getting ready to attend public school for the first time since 1st grade.  This was a transition year for Kimi, it was going to be a rough year.

July 29, 1979- Kimi turns 8.  Truthfully, the only thing I can remember about my life right then is that we lived in the apartment above the church.  I am sure playing with my brother and sisters.

July 29, 1971- Kimi was born to Ronald and Lorraine Estep.

While I was trying to go to sleep the night before my birthday, my life's timeline kept running through my mind.  Where was I ten years ago?  What was I doing 20 years ago?  So, I made a mental note to sit and write it down.  Good things are always happening around my birthday.

It's good to remember and feel the love and memories of your past.  It makes me wonder what good things are in store for me and my family.

Who knows where I will be July 29, 2024, when I turn 53.  So, today, I will celebrate this life that God has graciously given to me and my family.

Kimberly Hope Estep

Kimberly and Bo VanDyke

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