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Monday, June 9, 2014

I Guess I Am A Little Nosey

I love the goofiness of Bo here.  

I love to read blogs.  I love to get a glimpse into the lives of others and see how they decorate, deal with the dailiness of life, what they cook for dinner, how many kids/grandkids they have...just anything.  I guess that makes me nosey.  I absolutely love it when bloggers do home tours and I get to see how others live.  Now, I know, when they post photos of their homes, it is usually staged and really clean. Most of the time, you don't see the pillows on the floor, clothes sticking out of drawers and hampers. Toys are in their proper place, dishes are clean and counter tops are empty, except for the beautiful fruit on the island.  Truthfully, I am the same way.  I am not gonna show you how I have a trash bag on one side of my desk and a trash can on the other with books and binders piled on top.  My stairs need vacuumed and my suitcase is still unpacked from the beach (well, half unpacked).  When I take a photo, I frame it just so and make sure the mess is out of the frame.  We don't want everyone to see our mess...that's just for the family...lol.

Henry, so sweet

We even try to do that with God.  We think we must be perfect before we can come to Him.  We think that we must do all the cleaning up ourselves before He will enter in.  This is such a falsehood.  The great thing about God is, He does the cleaning up for you.  He enters in and darkness has to flee because He is light.  When we allow Him to work in certain areas of our lives, they start to change and yes, sometimes it is uncomfortable, but the result is, we are being set free the bondage's of our sin.

We will never be perfect, until we are standing face to face with our Savior.  But just like the bloggers in blog land, we have perfect moments.  We have moments that we can share with others where God is glorified and we are changed.  I am not who I am gonna be but I am not who I used to be.

New Life

It's a lovely process.  I love to watch my grandsons change.  With each achievement, they are preparing for life...rolling over, sitting up, standing, walking, running...Oh, how amazing it is to see the progress.  

If you are struggling today with wanting to show a perfect you, quit striving.  God is changing each of us, we are all going through the daily process becoming like Him.  Enjoy the stage you are in, be proud of how far you have come, look forward to where He is taking you.  The truth is, we can try and hide our true selves from God, but He sees the real picture, and He loves us anyway.  

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