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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Don't Fear The Fire

I love this pic.  Not sure if I took it or my niece.
Hatteras 2014

I am so easily distracted.  Even in my thoughts.  I can be thinking about something and then another thought invades the first, without letting me finish the first thought.  I don't need outside influences to distract me...I distract myself pretty well.  

Bo was preaching last night and he was talking about the vandalism on our church building a couple of months ago.  We are still in the process of getting things replaced and put back in order.  He said something that has stuck with me (so far...lol).  He said that the attack on our church building has brought our church people closer together...united...praying more...being more watchful...caring more about God's property and each other...AMAZING!!!  What could have scared us, destroyed us, distracted us, has UNITED US!!  

A few years back, our church was sued for water damage from a freak storm.  We were sued for $30,000.  Because of that suit, it brought the water problem in our surrounding area to the "powers that be" and we got a storm water system that costs over $60,000...FOR FREE!!!!  Distraction, No...Hand of God...YES!!!!  

Where we see distractions and problems, God sees an opportunity!  It can be a long, drawn out process but rest in the knowledge that we are not in this alone.  

"Don't fear the fire" (Pastor Bo).  Yes, I am quoting a lot from his message last night, it is stirring within me this morning.  The three Hebrew boys didn't fear the fire.  They didn't know that they wouldn't burn, but they knew where they would be if they perished in the fire...with God.  We hold onto things, including our lives, too tightly.  Instead of reaching for things that wont pass away, we reach for things, passions, toys, pleasures, comfort, notoriety.  

Jesus will give us New Life.  A new birth.  This is something that cannot be taken away.  Our lives will look different.  People will see us differently and treat us differently, sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Of course, I don't want to die anytime soon.  I like nice things and I enjoy pleasures and comforts.  These are all gifts from God.  BUT, they cannot be my passion, my reason for getting up in the morning, my drive.  I enjoy these things but if they distract me from my purpose, from being in the house of God, from standing up for what God says, then they become my Nebuchadnezzar...my idol I must bow down to when the music plays.  

So when distractions come, and they will, I will fix my eyes on Him.  It's the only way to have peace during the storm.  

I pray this has helped someone today.  Be BLESSED!!!

This is a blessing
It could turn into a distraction, real quick for me.
But I see the gift it is...
straight from God so that I am
rested for the work ahead.

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