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hope sign

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Babies, Babies, Babies

Well, April has come and gone but baby Luke is still all snuggled up, refusing to make his appearance to the world.  I truly thought he would be here by now.  But he is worth waiting for.

We found out on Tuesday that my son and daughter in law are having a BOY!!!  That's 4 grandsons for me.  We are over the moon in love with him already and cannot wait until September to see him. He will be a 5th generation, first born son to the first born son on the VanDyke side of the family.  He has the great honor of being named, Kenneth Dudley VanDyke, V!  We called his daddy "Jake" after Bo's dad because that is what they called him even though his name is Kenneth (nicknames)...doesn't make sense but it's the truth.  So in keeping with the tradition, my son and daughter in law informed us that they will be calling their son, "Bo" like his Pop.  Oh my, I can just picture him now.  I know he will be beautiful.  His daddy was a beautiful baby and his mama is beautiful.  Yes, I cried a little when I got the text from Jake.

So as you can tell, if you read real close, this year, we are welcoming two new grandsons...Luke and Bo!!!  I think that is too funny.  They are cousins but our last name is not Duke.

I love that our family is growing.  We are truly blessed.

There have been all kinds of babies born this year into our family and two more to come.  Here are their pictures.

Parker, our grandson.  He was an 18 month old surprise.
I love this surprise.

Sadie...the only girl this year
Our January baby

Landon...my oldest sisters first grandchild
He is amazing

Gabriel...He is a miracle
My sister in laws first grandchild.

As you can see, we have been super blessed on both sides of my family.  The VanDyke's and the Estep's are families full of love and babies!!!  

I am so thankful!

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