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Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Insist on His presence"

Yes we are still on baby watch 2014
Juliana and her Uncle Andy 

I have been away from writing for about a week.  We have been on baby watch this week and still he is snuggled up in his mommy.  I cannot wait to meet my new grandson.

We had the best Easter and God has really been moving in our services.  The Word is so rich and it has been reaching way into my soul.

The VanDyke side of the family.
Missing from the pic is my daughter Kelcie and sister in law, Colleen (she was
taking the picture)

Wednesday Night, my husband preached a message that has been working on me, daily.  Every time I have a quiet moment, the words, "Insist on His presence", leap into my mind.

His text was from Luke 24:13-35.  Two of Jesus' followers were traveling from Jerusalem to Emmaus. It was after Jesus had been crucified and they found out about His missing body.  Jesus joined these two men and they didn't recognize Him.  They told Him all about Himself and about their sadness. Jesus then told them all about Himself from the writings of Moses, and all the prophets...I love this. Here they were telling of their sorrow and Jesus reminded them what the scripture says.

Jesus burned something in their hearts on that special walk.  So much so, when they thought He was leaving, the begged Him, constrained Him to stay.  They didn't know who He was but they were smart enough not to let Him go.  They wanted more than a stirring.  The Amplified Bible says:

But they urged and insisted, saying to Him, Remain with us, for it is toward evening, and the day is now far spent. So He went in to stay with them.

We had such an amazing service on Easter Sunday.  God burned within those church walls.  I could literally feel Him all around us.  The altar was full, people calling on the name of the LORD for healing, deliverance.  But what happened on Monday?  So many of us leave this time around the altar and we just leave Jesus alone.  Don't let His presence depart from you. 

These two men, they didn't leave Him alone.  They begged, urged, insisted, constrained Him to stay. When Jesus broke the bread with them, their eyes were opened and He was revealed to them.  

I desire that.  Open my eyes, O LORD!!  I don't just want the stirring, the burning inside.  I want to know Him.  So that when I see Him, I will be like Him.  

The last verse of Luke 24 in the Amplified says:

Then they [themselves] [e]related [in full] what had happened on the road, and how He was known and recognized by them in the breaking of bread.

When we come together on Sunday Morning to partake of the Eucharist, when we participate in the breaking of the bread, our eyes are opened to see Him.  It says, "He was known and recognized by them in the breaking of the bread."  We do that every Sunday Morning.  It is the time we come together to be reunited with Him.  To have true Communion with Him.  To be renewed by confession of our faith, confession and repentance of our sins...breaking of the bread (body) and drinking of the wine (blood).  To be one with Jesus.  

I hope this makes sense to someone reading this.  I hope you can feel what I have been feeling since Wednesday night at Christ the King Church.  

When I go to pray, I insist on His presence.  When I sing of His goodness and grace, I insist on His presence.  When I am sitting in my office (I have three now), I insist on His presence.  As I rock one of my grandsons to sleep or sing them a little song, I insist on His presence.  I need to be filled and refilled daily.  What I had yesterday is not for today.  I need His fresh presence everyday.  It's the most necessary part of my being.  

My Beautiful Parents on Easter Sunday
Bishop Ronald and Pastor Lorraine Estep 

Me and my Mama
Don't ask me where our eyes go when we smile...
I have no idea.

I am praying for those of you reading this blog.  I desire your prayers as my life is changing and I face new challenges and responsibilities.  New Life is taking on all kinds of new meanings to me this year.

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