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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Introspection Time

I am thinking about my priorities this morning.

How do I decide what is a priority in my life?

How do I recognize what I deem as a priority?

Sometimes, we get so many irons in the fire that we cannot see what is most important, what should be a priority over what we have made a priority.  Have you ever been told, "You need to get your priorities straight"?  I have.  I have been told that and I have said that to myself and my children.

It is my goal to get to the point where I am aware of what should be a priority and what shouldn't.  So many times, our gluttonous, all about me, self promoting egos drive our priorities.  We think we are doing something for the right reason but soon realize that we are just trying to "show boat".  Or, we think that we are the only ones who can do it right so we pile heaps of responsibilities on ourselves, getting bogged down...everything becomes a priority and nothing gets done because our lack of trust in others.

It comes across in ministry, home life, work...every area of our lives are affected by our unwillingness to take a close look at our priorities and motives.  Truthfully, these things are rarely intentional so our actions or reactions have to be intentional.  I have to be proactive in my desire to serve others and God with a pure heart.

Not everything is my responsibility.  I have to own that fact...rehearse that fact...remind myself constantly of that fact.  It's not easy for me.

When we have put too many things on ourselves, we run the risk of becoming angry and self righteous, bitter and burned out.  We need to use wisdom.  Set boundaries.  Set priorities.

If something is a priority, we work for it.  We plan, prepare, work the plan, until we have completed the task.

Bo and I have made taking a yearly vacation to our favorite beach a priority.  For years we always thought if we get the money, we will just go.  That never worked out.  We had to set aside a date, save the money, make preparations for the office and church responsibilities...we had to plan, prepare and work the plan.  We realized, if we didn't make it a priority, we would be staying home.

How about the things of God?  Have we made that a priority?  Has church attendance become a "if I have time, I will go" thought?  Have we decided that our play time is more important than giving time to the LORD?  These are questions that I have to ask myself.

During this time of Lent, I have been asking myself some hard questions about my priorities and motives.  I am not always pleased with the answers.

Today's blog is not about condemnation, it's about introspection.  Sometimes we need to adjust our priorities and there are times we need to refocus on them.

We are not perfect and we will get all mixed up sometimes...that's okay.  We have a loving God who knows us and is patient with us.  He isn't up there seeing how much we can take until we break...

 And He said to me, 
My grace is sufficient for you,
for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 
2 Corinthians 12:9a NKJV

Isn't God wonderful!!!  I love that He is willing to let us come to the realization of our heart condition, all the while, loving and strengthening  us.  

As our Bishop said last night, "We are either up or getting up"...there is no failure in that.  

Be encouraged today.  Don't be overly critical of yourself.  If you see that something needs changing, make a plan, prepare and then work your plan.  Not everything has to be done instantly.  Remember every journey starts with a first step. 

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