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hope sign

Friday, March 28, 2014


The night is far spent,
the day is at hand:
let us therefore cast off the 
works of darkness,
and let us put on the 
armour of light.
-Romans 13:12

The above scripture has been staring at me everyday for the month of March.  It is on my calendar, which hangs above my computer, in my office.  I look at it every single day and read it, reread it, never really letting the words sink in to my heart.

Each day we wake up, as the new day dawns, is the opportunity to put off the darkness...the sin...the past...whatever is weighing us down or holding us back.  Today is a new day.  We have this wonderful gift of this new day.  It is given to us by God.  How will we make it matter?

Sin, darkness, our past transgressions...all these things are heavy.  You never hear a story that talks about the weightlessness of darkness or night.  We describe these things as a heavy cloak of darkness...the weight of their sin...the heavy pull of their past...their past was dragging them down into the deep overbearing darkness.  All of those things sound bad.

Now, take a moment and describe light.  Warmth...I feel light as a feather...You are My Sunshine...you bring light into my life...Jesus is the Light of the WORLD.  I could go on, but I think you can see...Light is a good thing.  Light brings joy and freedom.  Even when the light is showing you where you are, even when it is not good, it is good.  The light is releasing you from the weight of darkness, you now have the opportunity to be free.  

When we cast off the darkness and put on the light, we are not only helping ourselves but others.  We have a job to do, everyday.  It's hard to work in darkness.  So put on the armour of light.  When we walk in the light, we will light the path for someone else.  Darkness cannot abide in the light.  It is impossible.  So shine forth your light.  Be the light for someone else.  

Sometimes, all it takes is a smile
to bring light into someones life.
I love this pic of Presley,
it always makes me smile.

I hear folks say that they have don't seem to have a purpose in this life.  Well, I have just given you one. We all have been given the job of being a light to this dark world.  Let is start this morning.  

I hope you all have a blessed weekend. 

Please keep my husband and father in your prayers as they travel to the Philippines on Monday morning.  They will be ministering at our Bible School and some of our churches on the island of Palawan.  Pray for safe travels and for God to guide their steps, bringing them back to us safe and sound.  

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