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Friday, February 7, 2014

Writing, Blogging, Spring-Spiration

The past couple of days have been very busy.  I haven't had a chance to write and to be truthful, I couldn't rest my mind enough to think about writing.  I read a shirt online today that said, "All blogs say the same things".  I hope this is not true of my blog.  I hope I write things that are helpful and feed your soul.  I take great care in what I write.  It is very personal...this writing thing.  When I write, I feel as if I have exposed a part of my soul...part of who I am.  When you write about your thoughts and feelings, you are exposing the hidden places that others would not see.

found online and loved it...
don't know who made it

A writer shines a light on what is hidden from the world and then leaves the door open for onlookers to critique, love, hate, ignore.  Oh it is kind of scary.  But as with anything that you do, if you love to do it, you must do it.  It's not an option.  I started writing in several journals.  Something good happens...I write about it.  Something bad happens... I write about it.  It might not be a lot about the subject, but I feel this need to put my thoughts down on paper or typed on a computer.  Even my prayers flow out of me better with a pen in my hand.  I don't know why, I don't understand it but it is the truth.

What you talkin' bout Willis???
Henry cracking Grammy up...thought it might make you smile

It doesn't even matter if I am a good writer.  The content, most days, could be the most boring of subjects but I must write.  When I don't get to write, I feel cheated, like I've missed the best part of my day.  So when I see shirts like the one I saw today, it makes me a little sad but it makes me question, is that true.  Do all blogs say the same thing?  Are we just repeating each other?  Have we become white noise?  So, I start looking at the blogs that I read.  Some are on mothering, creating, photography, decorating, love, family, God, home, health, gardening.  Yes, I read blogs that interest me.  All the subjects listed are a part of my everyday life, so I read things that are similar at first glance but the meat of it is variety.

My Front Room on it's way to being completed

I admire the writers of these blogs.  They are strong, beautiful women.  Have I met any of them, no. Would I like to, yes.  When they write about adoption, changing their careers, children leaving home, battles with health, their love for God and His Word...it unites us.  I feel like I am in a club.  Do they know me?  Do they read my blog?  Do they feel connected to me?  I don't know and it doesn't matter. How they live and what they do, inspires me.  How one young married couple went from a family of four to a family of seven with the adoption of three siblings...Oh, how can that not inspire you to love more, give more, pray more,Link here.  How a couple went into business together to make art about love and Jesus.  They inspire me to be creative and I own a couple of their signs and just ordered a new one for someone I love. link here   I found this other blog by accident and now she teaches me so much.  I admire her ability to read so much, to dig deep into the WORD and her willingness to share it with us.  As most of the Christian world shies away from our heritage and roots, she embraces the early church teachings and church history.  I am inspired to dig deeper, embrace my Spiritual heritage. link here.  She is smart lady.

 Do I agree with each blogger all the time, no.  But I am growing and so are they.  So, I will continue to write.  I will share my thoughts, stories, hidden places (some), pictures, love, heart and soul with you all.

Another view of my Front Room...
I just love it.

I challenge you today, if someone inspires you, tell them.  If someone has impacted your life in a positive way, tell them.  I hope you have a great weekend and I hope we see spring soon.

A Little Spring-spiration (my word...lol)

Henry and Pop smelling Poppies flowers...Easter 

Hummingbird in Sonoma California 2012

Gerber Daisies are my favorite...I love their bright colors,
strong stems and overall beauties

I just love the way this one turned out

Be Blessed.

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