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Monday, February 10, 2014

Thankful We Can Worship Together

Growing up, my family spent a lot of time around the organ and drums.  My mom and brother played and we sang.  We sang for hours.  We sang songs about Jesus.  Songs like, "I Keep Falling In Love With Him", "The Blood" and one of our favorites, "Burdens Are Lifted Away."  I can still see us in the sanctuary at the church, Christian singing lead or alto, Cheryl singing soprano, and I would sing whatever part mom was singing.  Dad would come out of  his office and sit near the altar and listen to us or sing with us.  If it got real good, it was like our own little praise service right there with just the 6 of us (7 when Phillip came to live with us).  These are some great memories.

Worship Practice...these are amazing young people

I was reminded of this last night when we were at a church nearby to practice for a youth service.  We are combining worship teams for this one night of outreach to young people in the area.  I was singing and I turned around to look at everybody (they were all behind me).  On the drums and keyboard were my nephews, Jon and Matt Grapes.  Singing with me and my older sister Christian was my son Jake and Christians daughter in law, CeCe (Matt's wife), and Christian's husband, Patrick.  I was taken by surprise when the memory of our little Estep family came flooding back.

these are from a cell, so they aren't very clear.

Me in the front, Patrick on the left, CeCe in the middle
and my sister, Christian on the right
My nephew Jon sings on our worship team but he was filling in on the drums but as I did for my brother 28 years ago, I held the mic for Jon while he played so he could sing with us.  The mic stand was a little broken.  I said, "WOW.  I've done this before for your Uncle Ronald."  We had such a good time with the other worship team of young people.  It is going to be such a good service.

Here we are.  Jon Jon singing and Aunt Kimi
holding his mic.

Now our little Estep family has grown tremendously.  My mother and father have 5 children, 17 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren with 3 on the way.  Yesterday morning at church, there were 5 generations there.  Our family is full of singers, musicians, artists, preachers...but most of all our family is full of JESUS.

Matt...he's the best

I am thankful for the memories of my childhood around the organ and drums, singing with my family.
I am thankful for the memories of my children and siblings children singing and playing music with me. I am thankful that we get to worship together.

Jake and Jon singing,
"Falling In Love With Jesus"
Jake's Boyz II Men moment
**On a side note, I love to hear my son sing.  His voice is unique and it gives me chills.  My husband looked at CeCe last night and said, "Where did that voice come from?"  She replied, (as only CeCe can), "I don't know, I think Aunt Kimi might have had a thing with Boyz II Men"...that girl is crazy.  

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