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Monday, February 3, 2014

Teaching Nursery

What do you do when you go to write a blog post and you have no WiFi?  You go mop your kitchen, dining room and family room floors.  I prefer writing, that is for sure.  But my floors look good.  I had neglected them for too long.

As it started this morning

I was teaching Nursery Class yesterday morning when I learned something about my godson, Jacob. He really likes the story of God calling Samuel when he was a little boy.  He kept saying, "Tell it again, Aunt Kimi."  Of course, I had to be animated and loud but that is the fun of teaching little ones.  You can be as wild as you wish, they love it!!  I asked the class, "What are you going to do if you hear God call your name?  What are you going to say?"  Jacob says, "Here I am LORD, speak!"  I had to tell the story three times.  I love working in Nursery Class.  They like to sing and dance, listen to short stories, do craft and of course, EAT!  Our little Sage growled at my daughter Juliana when she told her no more snack.  Sage is 2 and had me cracking up.  She always says, 'More please", in her little Snow White voice.

Jacob requested that I take his picture...Well, he said LOTS of them
This is was at his house
If you just sit and watch the preschoolers play, you will get a glimpse into their everyday lives.  They talk to each other the way they see their parents and adults in their lives interact.  Presley is 4 and she spends her mornings with my parents before she goes to preschool.  She was playing like she was the Mommy (of course) and she kept calling Jacob (her 1st cousin) "Honey".  That's what my mom calls my dad.  It is so important that we set good examples for our children, grand children, nieces, nephews..etc. to follow.  Actually, Paul told Titus the same thing in Titus 2.  Paul told Titus to instruct the older men and women to live sober, reverent, temperate, sound in faith, in love and in patience...they were to teach the younger men and women how to act and live according to their faith, in love.  Paul even told Titus to speak the things that are of sound doctrine.  It starts with the one in charge.  The one who has been given the responsibility of these little souls, we are accountable to them.

We have to examine ourselves and make sure that we are giving the best we have because they are worth it.  What we say, how we act, where we go, how we love, how we react, who we hang with, what they see us do...We Are Responsible.  They are observing us, learning from us, imitating us.

It's not a burden, it's a blessing to be a part of their lives.  I love when it is my turn for Nursery Class at Christ the King Church.  What an honor to be a small part of teaching these gifts straight from the heart of God about Jesus, Samuel, David, Mary, Paul and Silas, Praise, Love, Giving...Teaching them the songs I grew up on and seeing the little spark in their eyes like it's a brand new song.  We sang, "Everybody Ought To Know" in class.  Presley and Sage loved it and after Jacob realized that we weren't going to sing the Power Rangers theme song, he liked it too.

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