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Friday, January 31, 2014

Dating My Husband

I like to date this man...
He even carries my backpack for me

Well here we are again...It's Friday.  Weekend plans are being made, people are smiling a little more today in the workplace, it's casual, it's pizza for lunch, it's a big sigh of relief for most.  I personally have always looked forward to Friday.  When I was in school, Friday always seemed like the easy day and it was the last day of the school week.  When I was in the office, Friday was the last day of the work week.  When my kids were in school, Friday night was usually when we would go grab a burger and movie...it was always planned as a fun night for the family.  Even now, I look forward to Fridays. A couple of years ago, Bo and I decided that Friday Night would be our date night.  It is something we truly have to fight for.  Life can creep up and steal away our date nights.

Date night at Barnes & Noble

Bo and I believe that even though we have been married for almost 25 years, we still need to date.  It hasn't always been easy to date.  When our kids were small, dating was almost a chore.  We had to find a babysitter, pay a babysitter and get things cleaned up for the babysitter.  We had to plan what they would eat and how they would be entertained.  We would leave a crying baby or all crying babies.  It was not easy.  We had a time to leave, a time to be home, call and check on everyone...it was like being a teenager again but this time, we were the parents.

found this on the internet...not sure who
took it, but I love it.
When our kids had all graduated from High School and most Friday nights everyone was out of the house, Bo and I decided we need to set aside one night a week that we would designate, "Date Night". Believe it or not, even with no one else in the house, you can still grow apart if you aren't dating your spouse.  I have lots of different interests than my husband and the same goes with him.  If we are oblivious of each others needs, our different interests can divide us and we will no longer "know" each other.  So Friday Night has become our time to date...dinner, movie, coffee shop, shopping, concert, laughing, holding hands, kissing in the car, taking a drive...whatever our hearts desire, as long as we are together. We don't usually make this a double date, except on special occasions.  Like last week, we went out for sushi and took along our son and daughter in law to celebrate the news of baby on the way. (No, Scovia did not eat sushi...she ate Jake's seafood, her chicken was too spicy for the mama to be.)

Coffee in Wilmington, DE

Even with all grown children, 1 grandson and 2 grand babies on the way, we have to protect our relationship.  We have to nurture it and make sure that we don't lose each other in all the demands of life.  Sometimes we feel a little selfish because we will say, No, that's our date night.  But to be truthful, even my nieces and nephews will say, "Oh, Aunt Kimi, I guess we will have to do that Saturday since Friday night is your date night with Uncle Bo."  If others see how important it is to you, they will work around it (usually).  Sometimes, we don't get to go but if we have let other things creep in for too long, we feel it.  We will say to each other, "we need a date, I miss you...just you and me, please".

Our date night at the Hotel DuPont...
these were waiting in the room from my hubby
This guy knows how to woo me.

I enjoy my husbands company.  He makes me laugh.  He is a little ornery and I like that.  He can talk to anyone and I admire that.  He isn't afraid or embarrassed to show me that he loves me.  I like the feel of my hand in his.  I like the warmth of his hand on my lower back when we are walking through a doorway.  I love his stories and little songs he makes up.  I love how he loves Jesus and puts Him at the center of our lives.

Sometimes, we need to stop talking about what upsets us about our spouse and look at what is good.  You will find more good than you even realized.  Like the way he makes sure that I am covered at night.  He goes and gets me some water if I am coughing too much (which has been a lot the last 2 weeks).

Love this man

Look for the hearts in your life.  Let love in.  Enjoy your Friday...go ahead...choose happiness and love.

Found this in the chip bag...

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